y not too slow. If many actors show their crotches, they will definitely They will be replaced mercilessly by the director. This is different from China, and even more cruel than the rules of Hollywood. Moreover, these crews are not only pursuing speed, but also have high quality requirements. This has always made Lin Yuan felt terrible. Being an actor was obviously more tiring than being a singer when he was also a star.

We didn’t chat for long.
Lin Yuan returned home.
Mother took Lin Yuan’s sisters and sister to sit in front of the projector.
Lin Yuan asked: “What are you doing?”
My sister said: “The Lotus Lantern will start soon!”
Lin Yuan:
It seems that everyone is quite concerned about the drama “Lotus Lantern”.
Obviously I haven’t seen how powerful the online publicity is.
But it’s normal to think about it.
After all, this drama is a work derived from Journey to the West, and many of the actors are from the Journey to the West group.
Without knowing the plot, the audience would be happy just to see the familiar faces from Journey to the West in “Lotus Lantern”.
/At this time.
Mom suddenly said: “It’s eight o’clock!”
My sister urged Lin Xuan: “Play it quickly!”
Lin Xuan turned on the computer connected to the projector and played “Baolian Lantern”.
Lin Yuan thought for a while and simply sat down to watch together.
Before the TV started, the theme song of “Lotus Lantern” made Lin Yuan’s eyes light up:
“This song is so good.”
Mom said: “The title of the song seems to be “Splitting the Mountain”?”
My sister looked at the subtitles on the TV: “Wow, let me tell you, the theme song was written by Zheng Jing!”
My sister nodded: “That’s it.”
In fact, Lin Yuan also had some songs related to “Baolian Lantern”, but he felt that the quality was average, so he simply handed it over to other composers in the company. Unexpectedly, the TV department directly asked Zheng Jing to do it. It seems that they I still attach great importance to this drama, and facts have also proved that other composers in the company can also complete the task well without Lin Yuan taking action.
Two minutes.
The song ends.
The difference between whether the theme song is good or not is whether the person watching it on the computer will set the TV series playback to automatically skip the title. Zheng Jing’s song passed the test, but my sister did not choose to automatically skip the title.
The main film finally begins.
The plot officially begins.
in the screen.
Countless armor-clad heavenly soldiers and generals surrounded a simple thatched cottage.
Chilling air.
There is a cloud floating in the sky.
A lonely figure stood in the clouds and mist.
This man was wearing silver armor, with a handsome and cold face, and a silver eye on his forehead, like twisted lightning.
Behind him, the cloak was fluttering fiercely.
Erlang Shen Yang Jian!
At the beginning, Erlang Shen captured the Third Holy Mother!
My sister’s eyes lit up: “So handsome!”
Yang Jian in the Journey to the West TV series was pla