the hotel. Limited edition skins, these skins can only be used when playing in our hotel. For some rich people, they cannot use money to buy better equipment than others, so they can have top-notch skins that other players can only covet. It’s also a benefit. There will definitely be customers who come to our hotel to play games specifically for limited edition skins. This skin is a status symbol in the game. Even the box it turns into after death is different from a human being. Don’t you think this is the case? Is the recruitment high?”

Wang Yu really admires Sun Yaohuo’s brain!
The chairman is called a business genius, and it’s not without reason!
“So that’s it!”
The director of Yuanhuo Games’ eyes lit up: “There is no big technical problem with this. We will design an exclusive skin for the hotel later. After the game is released, no one else can use it. It can only be used in the hotel. The chairman’s move is indeed brilliant!”
Sun Yaohuo was confused.
Why did it suddenly become so complicated?
I just want to improve the gaming experience for my juniors.
never mind.
So be it.
Just improve my junior’s gaming experience.
As Sun Yaohuo was thinking this, his cell phone suddenly rang.
Sun Yaohuo told everyone to shut up and then stood up.
Lin Yuan’s voice came from the phone: “Senior came to my house to pick up the painting.”
It is now the end of the month.
Fish Dynasty Hotel is about to open;
/The game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” will be released soon;
Lin Yuan spent a month, spending money to buy system medicines, and finally completed the five traditional Chinese paintings that he planned to give to Sun Yaohuo after “The Galloping Horse”.
These are five paintings that are full of artistic conception.
Sun Yaohuo arrived at the door of the Lin family villa carrying large and small bags of gifts, and rang the doorbell excitedly.
He bought this villa with his junior classmate.
I wonder if it will be my junior brother or one of his family members who will open the door for me later?
The door opens.
/Sun Yaohuo was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head with a strange expression and looked at the person who opened the door for him.
My mother, who was watching TV on the sofa, got up and walked over, smiling: “It turns out to be Yaohuo. Come in, come in. This dog reacts much faster than me. He rushes to open the door every time.”
“Good evening.”
Lin Xuan and Lin Yao, who were watching TV with their mother, also stood up to say hello politely. They had eaten at the Undersea Restaurant with Yu Dynasty before, and they already knew Sun Yaohuo.
“Good evening everyone!”
Sun Yaohuo quickly restored his smile and did not dwell on the question of how a dog could skillfully open a door:
“Auntie, I brought you a massager, and there are some supplements in this bag; sister has some cosmetics, which have a good reputation on the market; sister’s snacks are imported from all over the world, and I don’t know if they suit her taste; and then this Ins