d water on him.

He originally thought that the explosion of these programs would put Central Continent’s Spring Festival Gala back in the lead among other continents, but he didn’t expect that after throwing out all his good cards, he only tied with Qinzhou!
Zhongzhou is a big Spring Festival Gala!
For the Spring Festival Gala, a draw means a loss. Comparing the gap between Qinzhou and Zhongzhou, I am simply a miserably defeated!
how so?
His eyes looked a little desperate.
This dance is already Zhongzhou’s trump card!
After using this trump card, the ratings of both parties were only equal?
/He gritted his teeth.
Zhuang Xian once again opened the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala.
When the host introduced the next program, Zhuang Xian suddenly showed a surprised smile!
To borrow a poem from Xianyu:
Mountain darkly, vista!
Qinzhou TV station.
The host smiled and said: “Unconsciously, more than four hours have passed since our Spring Festival Gala, and there is only more than an hour left before the end of the Spring Festival Gala. Next, I will introduce to you the most special program of this Spring Festival Gala.” , what’s special about it is that these beautiful girls participating in the performance are all deaf-mute friends. Their world is different from ours. They can’t even hear the affectionate calls of their parents, let alone the melody of music. But even so, they still want to turn their New Year blessings into beautiful dances and bring them to us, let us enjoy this special dance together!”
As soon as this announcement came out.
Some viewers frowned almost instinctively.
“Qinzhou can obviously win by relying on the quality of the program. Why did you suddenly do this? Do you really think that the audience can’t see your little thoughts?”
“Suddenly there is a program for deaf-mute people to perform. It seems that it is going to be sensational.”
“I just want to use this program to show that although the quality of performances by deaf-mute people is not very good, they are still working hard to show themselves to people, so as to promote a wave of truth, goodness and beauty of humanistic care.”
“so annoying.”
“I hate this the most.”
“This session directly ruined my impression of the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala. The previous programs were so good, can’t we just let our strength speak for itself?”
“Why are you suddenly putting on a show?”
Times have changed now. People don’t like preaching or this kind of forced sensationalism.
Sympathy for people, most people have it.
Many people do sympathize with disabled friends, but everyone hates the behavior of someone using a disabled person to gain sympathy from the audience.
Now Qinzhou’s show makes people feel that they want to play the sensational card, and it is the most clichéd sensational routine. After all, the performances of disabled people are not as good as other dances, who would have the nerve not to give applause after watching it?
Isn’t this moral kidnapping?
This is why Zhuang Xian is suddenly happ