f course Xia Fan could hear what Tang Yue meant.

So Xia Fan also leaned into the other party’s ear and said with some confusion: “But you were the one who made the first move.”
Of course Xia Fan was confused.
In order to prove her strength, she even made a promise to herself in her heart.
Xia Fan promises:
As long as the enemy does not use nuclear weapons, we will never dispatch Xianyu.
If you lose, you lose.
I have nothing to say if my skills are not as good as others.
However, the other party still chose to take out nuclear weapons.
Then there is no need to be polite.
Besides, Xi Mei shouldn’t mess with her own mentality, let alone make fun of Lin Yuan. Without this reason, Xia Fan’s performance of the last song would not have been so good!
After all, Tang Yue’s performance was really good.
It was really difficult to get into that situation at that time.
It was Xi Mei who personally gave Xia Fan a reason to win.
Tang Yue bit her lip and said no more.
After the game, Xi Mei pulled Tang Yue and left quickly. Even the reporter’s interview was just a few words. She was a little depressed in this place, and she was really tired from walking. She shouldn’t have worn the hat to go out.
Slipping away.
Zhao Jue was definitely not in a hurry to leave. She deliberately brought Xia Fan to appear in front of reporters and announced a news in public. When announcing the news, she glanced at Xi Mei who was leaving quickly: “Our Xingmang has already joined forces with Xia Fan has signed a contract, and I have decided that Xia Fan will officially join the competition for this season’s new song charts!”
Reporters immediately took pictures frantically. Questions came one after another surrounding today’s champion, and Xia Fan answered them one by one.
/do not know why.
After the last competition, she seemed to be reborn from the ashes, and she no longer felt nervous.
If it were in the past, when faced with so many questions from reporters, I would probably be thinking about where the bathroom is, right?
And in Sioux City.
Wutongyuan Community.
As Xia Fan won the championship in the live broadcast of the finals, Lin Xuan suddenly jumped three feet high in front of the TV. Especially when Xia Fan announced that her last song was composed by her younger brother, she was even more excited:
“Win, win, brother, you are awesome!”
Lin Yuan said: “Xia Fan is the best.”
Xia Fan previously recorded “Initial Dream”.
But no matter the assessment version she recorded or the countless previous audition versions, they were not as good as Xia Fan’s singing on this stage tonight!
This is the best version of “The First Dream”. It was so good that Lin Yuan was shocked that Xia Fan was promoted to key.
It’s not just the highs that are powerful.
This is a perfect performance!
This also made Lin Yuan realize more and more that human potential is actually infinite!
“The champion is mighty!”
To express my happiness.
Jian Jian also solemnly handed out a red envelope worth one yuan.
Xianyu is indeed very famous.