audience has not forgotten.

People in Zhongzhou have not forgotten that not long ago they were complaining about Xianyu’s songs, which were always gaudy and not good at writing pop songs.
There will be no later.
Is there a more traditional pop song than “Later”?
This song is not only a standard pop song, but also the most common love song among pop songs. Even the melody is so standard, without any additions, the original popular singing style!
In their hearts, they want to reject this song!
Their ears appreciate it very honestly!
The male commentator was awkward for a few seconds before he started to make amends: “I have to say that traditional pop songs are still very nice, although this song has nothing new.”
After hearing this, the female commentator immediately settled in Bengbu, the center of the universe.
She felt like her partner was stupid.
You were the one who just said that Xianyu’s songs are new and innovative, and now you are the one who says that Xianyu’s songs are not innovative!
The audience couldn’t stand it either.
“This male commentator looks like a fool.”
“It sounds good as long as it sounds good. Why is there so much nonsense? Just admit it as a bachelor. This fish is really good at writing pop songs.”
“In the four single-player competitions of popular events, Xianyu won two championships by himself.”
“Isn’t there a Weizhou singer who hasn’t sung yet?”
“This Weizhou singer has no chance.”
“Indeed, although I don’t want to admit it, Xianyu’s song is really not faulty in all aspects. Even if it is released directly, it can still become popular.”
“It’s so uncomfortable!”
“Qinzhou has another gold medal!”
The Central Continent audience was rightly told.
Regardless of whether the singers from Zhao Zhou or Wei Zhou scored in this round of competition, Shu Yu was far behind!
Shu Yu’s gold medal is obtained!
Jiang Kui also won the gold medal before!
This means that in the pop group competition, whether the female singers of the Blue Music Club are under thirty or over thirty, they are all dominated by Qin Zhou!
The female singer has finished the competition, and the male singer has also entered a ready state.
Next is Feiyang’s game!
Preparation Phase.
The major coaching staff are still discussing the song “Later” just now.
“Xianyu’s writing is so popular.”
“Daddy Qu from Central Continent has been studying musical instruments in the past few years and hasn’t put much effort into pop songs at all.”
“Actually, there are a few songs in Zhongzhou that are not weaker than Xianyu.”
“It’s no use being weaker than Xianyu. These singers in Qinzhou are also very good.”
“Jiang Kui, Shu Yu, and next, Fei Yang and Sun Yaohuo.”
“After all, the competition is about more than just works.”
“The game is about to begin.”
The competition for male singers over thirty years old in the pop category is about to begin.
Fei Yang happened to get the third pick and was the last one to play.
The two singers in front breathed a sigh of relief.
If they were to