experienced a lot. He has grown up a lot compared to when he first debuted. He almost immediately thought of the meaning behind this matter.

He almost instinctively wanted to refuse.
Because Lin Yuan didn’t want to be the target of public criticism.
There are also degrees of high-profile.
Directly serve as judges for a group of famous poets?
The trees are beautiful in the forest.
The wind will destroy it.
However, Lin Yuan finally held back, because he remembered the chairman’s reminder just now, asking himself to agree to the other party.
There must be a reason.
So he fell silent.
“All right.”
Lin Yuan finally agreed.
/“Then it’s decided.”
When Director Huang saw Lin Yuan’s agreement, his smile became even brighter: “I’ll take my leave first.”
When walking out of the room.
Director Huang suddenly stopped and said meaningfully: “The Literary and Art Association values ​​Teacher Lin Yuan very much.”
Director Huang left not long ago.
Li Songhua returned to the office and said impatiently: “Are you agreeing?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Li Songhua breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, you didn’t refuse. Although this matter will easily make you the target of public criticism, if you can handle this poetry conference well, it will be of great benefit to you in the future.”
Lin Yuan wondered: “Benefits?”
Li Songhua nodded and said: “The Literary and Art Association should have some big plan, but I don’t know the specific content of this plan at the moment. I initially suspect that this plan will involve multiple fields. However, Blue Star has not yet completely merged, so the plan has not yet been completely merged.” It has not yet been fully developed. It is estimated that there will be many big moves once Zhongzhou is included in the merger. The deeper your status and seniority in the cultural circle, the more attention you will receive in the future. Serving as a judge at a poetry competition is a good way to brush up your seniority. There should be a big shot from the Literary and Art Association behind you who wants to promote you and has proactively provided you with a good opportunity, although this opportunity comes with a bit of risk.”
Lin Yuan:
The Blue Star merger process is still going on. It has been merged into Zhaozhou, which is indeed very close to the entire Blue Star Datong. By then, there may really be many variables in various fields.
“Get ready.”
Li Songhua said: “The future of the Blue Star merger will involve a lot of profit distribution. You are already ahead of many people. Even if you are not a judge of the poetry competition, countless people have already regarded you as a thorn in their side.”
Lin Yuan was surprised: “Who did I offend?”
He rarely gets on bad terms with others, and the only person he currently doesn’t deal with seems to be Ling Kong from the tribe.
“It’s not a matter of offending anyone.”
Li Songhua said: “Have you forgotten that the Central Continent music circle wanted to attack you for twelve consecutive championships?”
“I haven’t forgotten.”