“Old thief Chu Kuang is the writer who has received the most invitations from Wen Dou in Blue Star!”
“Hahahahaha, the main reason is that the old thief is so hated. Everyone knows that if you beat the old thief once, even if you are lucky, you can get the attention of netizens around the world. It is equivalent to a wave of rise in the rankings, and the writer ranking will definitely soar!”
“It’s not a loss even if you lose.”
“Winning or losing against an old thief, your reputation will soar, and your work will receive huge attention!”
“Some writers have even kept the literary competition invitations issued to old thieves at the top of the list for a long time. Among them are many big-name writers in various fields. However, it is of no use. However, they themselves have gained a lot of attention because of this, and they have gained some popularity. ?”
“But the most science fiction writers have approached Lin Yuan with invitations to literary competitions.”
“Because the old thief’s mystery novels, martial arts novels and fairy tale novels are so invincible that literary competition is equivalent to a fight. Only in the field of science fiction, although the old thief’s strength is strong, it is definitely not to the extent of being crushed.”
“No wonder most science fiction writers come to fight with him!”
“There is no hope of winning in other fields, but in science fiction, it is possible to defeat the old thief. Once he wins, it will explode. You must know that the old thief has also fought against the humanities before, and the current winning rate is 100%!”
Lin Yuan looked at these comments with a somewhat strange expression.
So why am I so popular among literary and fighting enthusiasts?
Although Aite wanted to start a literary fight every now and then, Lin Yuan really didn’t pay much attention to it.
So Chu Kuang is still a hot potato.
/Lin Yuan became happy.
Isn’t this the big news I’m looking for?
Then it will be fulfilled for you!
By the way, this Dragon Boat Festival name seems to be quite famous. Is he a big shot in Qizhou science fiction industry?
Hit the keyboard quickly.
Lin Yuan replied directly in the comment area of ​​Duanwu:
The comment section was shocked!
Chu Kuang’s name is too conspicuous!
Fans of the Dragon Boat Festival were immediately as if they had been given a shot of blood:
“Should I rub it?”
“This damn guy is actually me!?”
“I almost thought it was an imposter until I clicked on his homepage!”
“What an old thief!”
“The old thief accepted Teacher Duanmu’s invitation to a literary fight!?”
“Congratulations on the Dragon Boat Festival name!”
“Teacher Dragon Boat Festival, congratulations!”
/“Teacher Dragon Boat Festival, come on, the old thief hasn’t fought with humanity for many years. You must seize the opportunity. There will be no store like this after passing this village!”
“Big news!”
“Old thief Chu Kuang wants to fight with the Dragon Boat Festival celebrity!”
In excitement.
Some net