Pei Du laughed so hard. He and Lu Bei were good friends, so he didn’t have so many scruples in his words: “How dare you print a hundred copies?”
“You don’t have to worry about this.” Lu Bei said leisurely.
Pei Du gritted his teeth and said, “Then I’ll play with you and order 500,000 copies.”
He doesn’t think the other party will cheat him.
/If the other party dares to cheat me, then he will completely offend Jing’an Bookstore. Besides, the friendship between the two is still there, and the value of this friendship is higher than an order of hundreds of thousands of copies.
“It’s a little less. I’ve already called for 500,000 copies, so why not order 700,000 copies?”
“Are you crazy or am I crazy?”
“Neither of us will go crazy. If we want to go crazy, let the rational onlookers go crazy. This time I want the entire Qinzhou to know that those who believe in my Silver Blue Library will win the world, and those who believe in Chu Madness will have eternal life!”
“You look like a magician.”
“Yinlan Bookstore has developed from a medium-sized publishing company to what it is today. Not only do I, Lu Bei, take all the credit, I at least make great contributions. What do you think I, Lu Bei, rely on?”
Pei didn’t say anything.
There was silence on the phone for a full three minutes.
Lu Bei didn’t say anything either. He was very patient.
No one knows what kind of struggle Pei Du went through in his heart. Three minutes later, he roared: “His uncle, I will only believe you once, seven hundred thousand copies!”
“Okay, let’s wait to get the bonus and performance next year. I’m done.”
“Don’t worry, it’s unlucky. I have to go and face the storm.”
/Shi Yun’s eyes widened after listening to the entire phone call!
They asked for an order for 700,000 copies, and how did they get it done?
No wonder Lu Bei is the editor-in-chief. His ability to deceive is terrifying, right?
The company’s inventory has indeed been cleared, but if “Zhu Xian” cannot be sold by then, will Jing’an Bookstore blacklist Yinlan Bookstore in the future?
If things go wrong, Mr. Pei Du will be completely buried by the inventory squeezed by “Zhu Xian”!
The last night of June.
When a total of 700,000 copies of “Zhu Xian” were gradually moved into Jing’an Bookstore’s warehouses and bookstore shelves, the company exploded!
“Pei Du, are you crazy?”
“Seven hundred thousand copies of “Zhu Xian” have been ordered?”
“Don’t you know how many other bookstores in Qinzhou have booked?”
“Less than 100,000 copies at most!”
“Others avoid you, but you treat it like a treasure?”
“Did you get the price difference from Silver Blue Library?”
Pei Du took calls from several senior executives in succession, scolding, questioning, and worrying. For every call, he gave the same answer: “I will be responsible for anything that goes wrong.”
Do you regret it?
Still a little bit.
The reaction from the top management was more intense than Pei Du had imagined. Even his subordinates looked worried, feeling that Pei had been deceived by Yinlan Books