of gold, silver and bronze medals. Music can also be Make this split.

Let’s not talk about it far, let’s take collaborative tracks as an example.
There are male-male duets, male-female duets, and a female-female duet.
Lu Sheng said: “One hundred and eight projects, including you as the head coach, there are only ten of us. It is impossible to take care of every project, and some of the music is something I am not good at, such as the violin. Just know nothing.”
Yang Zhongming said: “Some people are good at it.”
Qu’s father Ye Zhiqiu said: “For example, I am.”
Yang Zhongming nodded: “I chose you to be the head coach, firstly because of your own level, and secondly because you can cover enough projects, and there are project coaches in each team. You head coaches have a good grasp of the situation.” The direction is enough, and before the competition officially starts, your task is to go to different teams to take classes, train their levels, and understand each of their styles, so as to formulate entries suitable for them.”
Why are most of the core coaching staffs in various continents composed of Qu dads?
Because in the Blue Song Club competition, one depends on the level of the singer himself, and the other depends on the level of the work.
The ability and vision of the music dads are the key to whether the singer can win.
Especially when the level of the singers is not much different.
Whichever side’s work is better will be able to gain an advantage more easily.
This is where Blue Star Qu’s father’s status is high.
There are far more people who can sing than who can compose.
Moreover, most of Blue Star Musicians like to participate in the production of specific works.
Taking into account the attributes of music producers, their job is no longer just songwriting itself.
However, compared to the participating singers from various continents, the number of singers is definitely not enough.
Fortunately, each continent has good reserves of strength.
The level of some quasi-qu dads is also very high.
that’s all.
The meeting lasted two hours.
/Two hours later, before the meeting ended, Yang Zhongming suddenly said: “The head coach of the Zhongzhou team is Abigail.”
Everyone looked solemn.
The following days.
All continents have begun vigorous selection of team members.
From time to time, news comes out about which singer has been selected for such and such a project.
at the same time.
Qinzhou’s selection has also begun.
Head coach Yang Zhongming is in charge, assisted by nine major head coaches including Lin Yuan, and more than 100 professional coaches serve as judges.
King of Singers!
First line!
Even the second and third tiers and so on.
Singers who thought they had the ability came to participate in the selection.
During this process, in addition to Fei Yangshuyu and other singers and queens being easily selected, all members of the Fish Dynasty were also selected.
This was expected by Lin Yuan.
Needless to say, the king of singers and the queen of singers. Even the