hur must change.

In the main city of Duner, the main castle gate of the Lord’s Castle is tightly closed. The energy clone of Lord Arthur lives here.
Of course, no one knows that this energy clone is not David’s real energy clone, but if necessary, this energy clone can contact David directly through his soul.
Today, Butler Jeffrey received a letter from a person claiming to be a friend of Lord Arthur.
Butler Jeffrey did not dare to look down upon him. With Lord Arthur’s current reputation, no one would dare to pretend to be Lord Arthur’s friend.
Butler Jeffrey carefully came to the main castle. He gently pulled the bell, and then waited outside the door with his hands tied.
David, who was practicing, sensed the active connection from the energy clone of Dun’er Star. He did not stop practicing, but just put part of his mind into the energy clone through his soul.
As soon as David controlled the energy clone, he heard the remaining sound of the bell. This was his agreement with the main city of Duner. If necessary, he could ring the bell to call him.
With a wave of his hand, the main castle door opened.
“Master, the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin is outside asking to see you!” Butler Jeffrey bowed and reported.
“Why did the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin come to me?” David felt strange and said: “Invite him in!”
Butler Jeffrey bowed and exited, and soon came in with Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs.
Although Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, and David knew each other, their relationship was only barely acquainted with each other. The minister of noble affairs, Gershwin, had used his power to help David.
It’s just that David’s identity is different now. In addition, the purpose of Gershwin’s noble affairs is somewhat difficult to explain, so the minister of Gershwin’s noble affairs behaves extremely respectfully.
“I have met the great Lord Arthur!” Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, bowed and saluted.
“Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin, why are you here free?” David returned the greeting with a smile.
“I want to talk to you alone!” Minister Gershwin glanced at Butler Jeffrey who was standing aside, and then demanded.
“You go out first!” David said to Butler Jeffrey.
In fact, the request of Gershwin’s minister of noble affairs is very disrespectful. With David’s status, even if Butler Jeffrey is only the steward of the lord’s castle, not even the chief steward, his status is higher than that of Gershwin’s minister of noble affairs. high.
/“Lord Arthur, I am actually here on an entrustment!” Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin didn’t know how to speak, but he had to say it.
When David saw the appearance of the Minister of Noble Affairs of Gershwin, he couldn’t help but wonder, who would ask the Minister of Noble Affairs of Gershwin to send a message?
“Entrusted by whom?” David asked with a slight frown.
He is still practicing over there, but he doesn’t have much time to delay here.
“It was entrusted by the Twilight of the Gods!” Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, finally