an watching a science fiction movie!”

“I originally thought the Robot series was exciting enough, but I didn’t expect the Base series to be even more exciting. Chu Kuang’s ability to write science fiction is truly terrifying!”
“It’s so shocking!”
/“The whole book is magnificent!”
“The psychohistory proposed by Seldon is so cool. The old thief Chu Kuang actually used a set of statistical theories to support this brand-new concept. I even feel that psychohistory can be used as a professional subject!”
Science fiction circle!
Countless writers couldn’t help but feel numb after reading the Galaxy Empire Base series!
“Another new concept!”
“This time it’s not a science fiction concept. The theoretical support is too hard-core. Detailed descriptions are given from beginning to end, as if this is a real subject!”
“The gold content of this thing is no worse than the three laws of robots!”
“Damn it!”
“How long is this Chu Kuang’s head? With a work like this, who can beat him in the science fiction circle!”
“We’re done with Wen Shao!”
“I can’t stop him. I can’t stop him at all. Once psychohistory comes out, Wen Shao can only kneel down!”
damn it!
Psychohistory! ?
Wen Shao really knelt down!
Staring at these four words mentioned repeatedly in the book, this science fiction writer from Central Continent felt like there was gunfire roaring in his head!
this moment.
Psychohistory is essentially similar to the Law of Robots. It is a god-level concept that is destined to shock the entire science fiction circle as soon as it is proposed. All fools know what the outcome of this literary battle will be!
I am indeed a fool.
He actually bet that Chu Kuang’s gun had no bullets in it.
Maybe Chu Kuang’s gun really didn’t have bullets in it.
Because what he shot at himself was an infinitely powerful cannonball!
Wen Shao was hit and cracked open, and even the thought of struggling disappeared instantly, as if his whole person had no worldly desires.
“I surrender.”
This is still a joke.
Wen Shao was ruined on the spot.
Surrendering is a clean act!
Psychohistory was born with the Base series. Wen Shao officially admitted defeat, and there was a heated discussion on all continents around the world!
“Nine consecutive wins!”
“The old thief is awesome!”
/“When the old thief promised that I would fight ten of them, many science fiction writers were furious, and nine people took action in a row. There was nothing they could do to him, and the old thief was allowed to take action all over the world with his pen!”
“Only one left!”
“Beat the last one and win!”
“Wen Dou’s tenth consecutive victory is just around the corner!”
“The remaining Central Continent writer is called Chen Shi. Can he put an end to the old thief Chu Kuang?”
“Thinking too much.”
“Other writers have taken action one after another, but Chen Shi is the only one who remains motionless. He may be holding back his big move (dog head).”
“After holding it in for so long, the last big move must be earth-shatte