When the image of Xianyu appeared in the Zhongzhou live broadcast room, Zhongzhou viewers were very surprised:
“This guy is so handsome.”
As for the commentator’s mention of Xianyu’s achievements, the Zhongzhou audience had no fluctuations in their hearts and even wanted to laugh a little.
Have you asked us, Zhongzhou, for our opinion?
After so many years, Seven Continents still likes to enjoy themselves so much.
/In a villa in Zhongzhou.
The live TV broadcast was very loud.
Someone raised his head and glanced at the introduction of the host of the Blue Music Club.
When the anchor mentioned “Xianyu”, this person’s heart suddenly jumped!
At this time.
The phone rings.
A voice came from inside: “Matsushima Rain.”
Songdao Yu held the phone, with a hint of bitterness in her voice, as if she was remembering the experience of leaving Qinzhou overnight:
“he came.”
Ito Cheng on the other end of the phone sighed: “These useless commentators, and even our entire Central Continent, at this time, they don’t realize the seriousness of the problem at all.”
“Too arrogant”
“In order to prevent accidents from happening, I must contribute my own strength to protect the glory of Central Continent.”
The competition of the Blue Music Club is about to begin, and the contestants of the Bel Canto category are opening their voices in their own way, because this year’s Blue Music Club has just begun a competition for the Bel Canto category, and there are many projects included:
Men’s bel canto solo.
Female bel canto solo.
Men’s bel canto duet.
Female bel canto duet.
Mixed male and female vocal quartet.
Mixed sextet of men and women.
The so-called duet is one of the forms of vocal singing. It refers to two or more singers, each singing the same piece of music according to their assigned parts. According to the parts or the number of people, it can be divided into duet, trio, quartet or even sextet. If it is arbitrarily expanded, Of course, there could be some kind of trio or quintet competition, but the proportion of gold medals occupied by Bel Canto would be too high, so there were restrictions.
A big category.
Six competition events.
In fact, there are already a lot.
This means that the Bel Canto Competition will eventually produce six gold medals!
Enthusiasm is mobilized across all continents!
on the blog.
“Six gold medals in the bel canto category, I don’t know how many we can win.”
“Looking forward to the first gold!”
“There are so many players!”
“For a male bel canto solo, each continent has three places to participate. The eight continents add up to a total of twenty-four people.”
“Wei Yuanyun is in the bel canto group?”
“She actually participated in three bel canto events by herself, including a bel canto solo in a girl group. Can she really handle it?”
“There will definitely be no problem with the arrangement from above.”
“Cheer for the players!”
“here we go!”
Netizens are hotly discussing!
The media is als