I hold a dragon-slaying knife and learn the dragon-slaying technique. How can I transform into an evil dragon?
System, right?
Furthermore, what a good person the chairman is, allowing himself to do so much, giving himself tea, giving himself shares, and allowing himself to skip work.
What a great boss.
Where can I find such a boss?
Not to mention Xingmang, Uncle Yang and Aunt Zheng, including the entire Yu Dynasty, all staying with him in Xingmang.
/Then Zhongzhou Capital can tear down anyone’s wall.
Only Xingguang’s wall can’t be broken down by anyone.
Provoke me again?
I will take the system and tear down your wall when I get back!
Li Songhua sat blankly on the chair, his lips trembling slightly. This state had lasted for a long time.
The door was pushed open.
That was a man who looked very similar to Li Songhua.
“elder brother?”
“how’s it going?”
The man asked eagerly.
Li Songhua looked at the half cup of barley tea left in front of him and suddenly laughed, his eyes turning red.
The man seemed to understand something.
However, he still couldn’t help but said with some concern: “Maybe he hasn’t realized the seriousness of the problem yet.”
Li Songhua drank the remaining barley tea in one gulp, as if he had drank half a glass of strong liquor, and he was in high spirits:
“Maybe they haven’t realized the seriousness of the problem yet!”
“Do you really want to attack Zhongzhou?”
“Didn’t I already knock on the door? I’m much better than you.”
“When you gave him the shares, you didn’t seem to have that much confidence. At that time, you were like a desperate gambler who was desperate.”
Because I didn’t know him well at that time.
When giving away the shares, Li Songhua didn’t know that Xianyu was Chu Kuang and Chu Kuang was Shadow.
However, even at that time, Li Songhua dared to say, “From now on, the direction of Xianyu will be the direction of Starlight.”
“I admit that I was gambling.”
This is what Li Songhua told his brother the day he gave away the shares. Today he can finally say the last four words that he had never dreamed of saying:
“I won the bet.”
The man didn’t know where Li Songhua got his confidence: “What secret does Lin Yuan have that deserves your attention?”
“Those from the Literary and Art Association pay special attention to Lin Yuan.”
“That’s it.”
Li Songhua smiled.
There is nothing unexpected about this.
Perhaps the top brass of the Literary and Art Association knew Lin Yuan’s secret a long time ago, but no one could pierce through this layer of paper.
As if waiting for something?
What are you looking forward to?
After getting up and walking to the floor-to-ceiling window of the office, Li Songhua suddenly said: “Do you know why I came to Qinzhou back then?”
“The First Emperor destroyed the eight wastelands, swept away the Liuhe and swallowed up the world! The Great Qin cavalry’s blade was invincible wherever it passed! This is the land of Longxing!”
“You are not a person who thinks too highly of