This made the confused Hu Ji still believe in Snape and not completely question it, but why did it become like this?
All major platforms!
“Old thief Chu Kuang has completely become a human being!”
“I knew it!”
“I also imagined that Sirius would be resurrected, but it turned out that Old Deng died too!?”
“The old thief and I are at odds with each other!”
“I would rather Dumbledore die the same way as Sirius!”
“At least Sirius’ death was painless!”
“Where’s Lao Deng?”
“Drank the green liquid, endured unimaginable pain, managed to get through it, and pulled Harry to escape, only to be killed by Snape and the Death Eaters!”
All continents!
“No wonder this guy is called the old thief Chu Kuang. How can he be so cruel? Dumbledore is my favorite character!”
“The more I watch, the more cruel I get!”
“One piece is more cruel than the other!”
“One person dies in every movie. Is this really a Harry Potter tradition?”
“Old thief Chu Kuang, this executioner!”
“Who do you want to kill in your next movie?”
“When I saw Phoenix Elegy, I was really heartbroken. Didn’t Xianyu say that this movie is very safe?”
“Go back and look at the video of that live broadcast.”
“I just re-read it specifically. He pointed out that those who are not dead are indeed not dead, but he did not mention Dumbledore!”
“I asked why he missed Dumbledore. I thought he just didn’t remember it for a moment!”
“I didn’t expect that to be Dumbledore’s death notice!”
“My heart is broken!”
“To tell you a joke, Harry Potter is children’s literature.”
/The sudden outburst of readers’ emotions has left countless writers stunned!
Damn it!
This old thief Chu Kuang!
I really dare to kill one person!
The weight of the dead characters, each one is more important than the last!
The media was even more shocked!
The Internet is full of urgent news from all parties:
“The Death of Dumbledore, Phoenix Elegy!” 》
“Where Does Hogwarts Go?” 》
“Snape turns black!” ? 》
“Old thief Chu Kuang completed three kills!” 》
“One person dies in every film, the tradition of the Harry Potter series!” ? 》
“After Sirius, another beloved character by readers receives a lunch box! 》
“Is he crazy or “crazy”? 》
/“Shocking in the Industry: Why does Chu Kuang dare to write down popular characters again and again?” 》
“Never underestimate your readers’ anger! 》
“Expert analysis: Sales of the next Harry Potter film will decline!” 》
no doubt!
Chu Kuang was sprayed again.
His comments section was filled with angry messages:
“Old thief, you really went too far this time!”
“One person dies in every movie. Do you think this is a glorious tradition?”
“You really have to cry to death to make me happy.”
“Do you really think labor and management are free of charge for their tears?”
“Pay for my mental damages!”
“If I had a choice, I wish I hadn’t read this book!”
“Do you know how much we love Lao Deng?”
“Lao Deng is dead, the sky has completely fallen!”
“This one is indeed extremely safe. It just ad