nt expectation.

What is Chu Kuang’s secret?
Insisting on not showing his face, there may be a hidden secret behind the mystery. Now that Ling Kong has dragged the geek tribe into trouble, the prince doesn’t want to die in the ruins without knowing anything.
He wanted an answer.
Lin Yuan hasn’t been to Shadow Studio for a long time.
There is no one here now. Luo Wei and several other cartoonist apprentices are now working in their own independent studios. After all, everyone is now a prominent figure, and they even have their own assistants and apprentices.
Lin Yuan still likes to come here occasionally.
/It’s quiet here.
In addition to him, Kaneki also comes here occasionally, and the two often meet here.
Jin Mu is also here today.
This is the tacit understanding between Jin Mu and Lin Yuan that they meet here every time something happens.
Glancing at Lin Yuan who was sitting on the sofa holding his cell phone as if in a daze, Jin Mu smiled:
“The boss is very worried today.”
Lin Yuan said nothing, staring at the phone.
The news title on the mobile phone was “Who is Chu Kuang in a volley?”
The comment section of this news was full of curses.
There are a lot of related news later, with titles like TV series.
“Because General Manager of Geek Tribe Ling Kong maliciously slandered Chu Kuang, his company’s stock price plummeted! 》
“Sudden!” The general manager of Geek Tribe resigned last night! 》
“Geek Tribe” held a press conference this morning: Lingkong’s behavior was personal and had nothing to do with the company. He apologized to Mr. Chu Kuang for the misunderstanding caused. 》
Jin Mu poured Lin Yuan a cup of coffee and glanced at his mobile phone screen:
“Drink coffee.”
“No tea?”
“It’s good to change the taste occasionally. Maybe the coffee is not as bad as you think.”
Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment, and seemed to understand Jin Mu’s hint:
“You mean it’s time for Chu Kuang to step up to the stage?”
“It’s almost time. Lingkong is almost threatening to die, so why not fulfill him? But this truth may not be what he wants.”
Lin Yuan was thoughtful.
Jin Mu smiled and added: “The outside world doesn’t actually believe you as much as it seems. It’s just that people subconsciously choose to believe in beauty, not to mention that this is related to Xianyu and Shadow. Some people believe in Xianyu, and some people believe in shadow. Not everyone believes in Xianyu. Everyone believes in Chu Kuang.”
“In a few days.”
“Then I’ll arrange a press conference.”
“How about making the shadow identity public?”
“The impact is too great and needs to be digested slowly by the public.”
Kaneki spoke.
Lin Yuan agreed and then called the chairman.
“The company cooperates with any decision you make.”
The chairman, who also knew Lin Yuan’s vests, smiled and said, “Sooner or later, we will have to face the day, right?”
“That’s what my family said too.”
Lin Yuan talked about this matter with his sister, sister and mother in the morning, and everyone expressed support for any decision