n the edge of the pond. This shows how terrifying the power is.

This is completely different from the “weak” fireball magic described in old-age novels. The fireball waved by this blond old man can smelt gold and stone. Near it, the rainwater is evaporated and the rocks are burned and melted.
“This is an old bastard!” Wang Xuan whispered.
/The blond old man carries a big sword on his back and wears bronze armor from the old Western era. People mistakenly think that his sword skills must be unpredictable. Who knows that he will use “magic” to bombard him.
It is estimated that Lao Chen was stunned at first. He was very passive at first and kept dodging. The black long sword in his hand emitted a dazzling sword light and kept splitting the terrifying fireballs.
/When some of the fireballs exploded, they splashed with light. After falling on the ground, they burned the rainwater into white mist, burning the grass and making many large craters on the ground.
This is obviously a truly extraordinary battle!
Old Chen was really frightened, what kind of monster is this? It was actually able to fly off the ground, and it could also continuously throw terrifying fireballs, burning the water in some areas of the reed pond.
He really had doubts. Is this person’s cultivation level higher than his? The most important thing is, did the other party use magical means? !
Did he guess wrong? The things dug out by people in the field of new magic are related to the old magic, but are there other more mysterious things, including ancient magic in Western myths and legends?
“No, this may also be a simplified version of the legendary Samadhi True Fire in the old magic field. No, it cannot reach that level, maybe it is other fire magic.” Lao Chen thought while fighting, encountering such a monster made him He was beaten very hard.
Not only could the opponent fly, but he was also so powerful when he attacked. It really made Chen Randeng angry. Only then did he break through into the extraordinary realm, and unexpectedly encountered an even more ruthless opponent.
Another fireball fell. After Lao Chen avoided it, a large pit nearly two meters deep exploded on the spot. The most important thing was that the earth and stone were burned and melted, and turned into crystals after cooling.
“Don’t be fooled by him.” Wang Xuan shouted in the distance, reminding loudly: “This is an old scumbag! What he is wearing is not some old-era armor, but a newly developed super-material armor that can make him fly into the sky! Moreover, this is probably the most powerful super-material armor currently available!”
If Zhong Qing’s younger brother hadn’t challenged Wang Xuan with a shiny super-material armor and let him know about this kind of thing, then he would definitely be as confused as Lao Chen now. The strengthening effect of this thing is so amazing. It can increase a person’s strength by a large amount out of thin air. It is terrifying and extremely powerful.
Since the fight, Lao Chen has been dodging. If he was hit by the kind