ng to be hilarious, fooled him again and again, and he no longer believed them.

Although the psychiatrist’s explanation is:
He is so funny.
People with depression are more or less emotional.
Of course Deng Chi would not click on this movie.
But when he was about to row across, he accidentally pressed the play button of the movie, and the movie started playing.
The slogan was exaggerated, and the cover featured a beautiful girl showing off her long legs to lure the wolf. “Tang Bo Hu Spots Autumn Fragrance” was in line with Deng Chi’s perception of bad movies, so Deng Chi originally didn’t plan to watch it.
But when the movie started, Deng Chi didn’t exit immediately.
What’s the old saying?
Everyone has come
I had sex with me, and I had to finish it with tears in my eyes
If you watch the movie you clicked, you won’t go blind?
While Deng Chi was thinking about it, the plot had already begun.
The protagonist of this movie is called Tang Bohu, who is a master of poetry and painting, has a huge fortune, and is also the first of the four great talents in Jiangnan.
Deng Chi knew that Su City in Qinzhou was called Suzhou in ancient times, and the south of Qinzhou was called Jiangnan.
But that’s not the point.
The focus is on the beginning of the movie.
I saw Tang Bohu take out his brush in a very stylish way
Deng Chi thought that the protagonist was going to start creating, writing and drawing, but it turned out that this guy was grilling chicken wings?
It turns out that the brush was dipped in soy sauce instead of ink?
What is this screenwriter’s thinking?
It’s quite interesting.
Immediately afterwards, Zhu Zhishan appeared.
The movie uses simple and crude dialogue to introduce the identity of Zhu Zhishan, one of the four great talents in Jiangnan and a good friend of Tang Bohu.
This is also not the point.
The point is that this Zhu Zhishan doesn’t look like a genius at all, and is even more unreliable than Tang Bohu grilling chicken wings with a brush.
He turned out to be a bad gambler. He often lost everything and then asked Tang Bohu to sell his paintings for money.
Although the dialogue is simple and crude, there are many little jokes interspersed.
Next, Tang Bohu finally got to paint.
However, what stunned Deng Chi was that Tang Bohu actually used Zhu Zhishan’s body for painting.
Bang bang bang.
Boom, boom, boom.
After doing this, Tang Bohu really painted a beautiful ink painting!
Very exaggerated!
Very nonsense!
The screenwriter is simply brilliant.
But for some reason, Deng Chi felt that it was more interesting, although he did not laugh.
As a person with a high sense of humor, Deng Chi’s ability to comment on a movie as “interesting” is already a very high standard.
This time, Deng Chi was in no hurry to quit.
This movie successfully aroused his interest.
at the same time.
Deng Chi saw a series of barrages appearing above the movie. Compared to someone like Deng Chi who had a high sense of humor, these barrages were too joyful: