ould be a truck. In other words, the ‘ghost’ stole a truck full of red bricks as a means of transportation to commit the crime, so the things scattered on his body and the car It’s the end of the rice of red bricks.”

When Lin Xingchen heard this, he finally gathered his thoughts and asked anxiously: “Then where will he take his sister?”
/Quan Kai closed his eyes and said slowly: “‘Ghost’ came from Tianjin, and Sister Lin also arrived in Tianjin today, so ‘Ghost’ doesn’t have much time to make arrangements. If he finds a suitable brick truck, he will immediately Find the best place to abduct Sister Lin and the best place to commit the crime, so the three places should not be too far apart. But the strange thing is”
“What is it?” Lin Xingchen asked.
Quan Kai opened his eyes and said, “‘Ghost’ seems to be very aware of all the whereabouts of Sister Lin.”
Lu Tong said: “Is the ‘ghost’ really a ghost?” What he said made Lu Tong himself so scared that his spine trembled.
Professor Yang scolded: “Don’t talk nonsense. There are no ghosts in this world. This is just something done by a criminal with a superior IQ.”
Quan Kai said: “This is a battle of wisdom. First, we have to find a way to get help from the police. We first need to know where the brick truck was stolen to narrow the search scope.”
Professor Yang said: “Leave this matter to me, I am familiar with the police.”
Professor Yang immediately called a police officer who should have a relatively low position: “Officer Liao, please help me ask if the reporting center received a report today that a truck full of red bricks was stolen. .”
The person on the phone said: “Why do you ask this?”
/Professor Yang said anxiously: “I’ll tell you later. The situation is urgent now and I don’t have time to explain it to you.”
The person on the phone said: “I understand. I’ll ask you right away and will call you back later.”
Toot toot
The phone was hung up.
Within five minutes, the call came back: “According to what you said, a truck containing bricks was indeed stolen.”
Professor Yang asked: “Where?”
“The Holy Land Brick Factory on Xihe Road.”
“The Shengdi Brick Factory on Xihe Road, right? I understand, thank you.”
Before Professor Yang could hang up the phone, Lin Xingchen had already rushed out of the office, and Lu Tong quickly caught up.
Quan Kai asked Professor Yang for a map before chasing Lin Xingchen.
After all, Lin Xingchen was a girl, so she still couldn’t outrun Lu Tong. Lu Tong grabbed Lin Xingchen and said breathlessly: “Xingchen, don’t worry, you don’t even know where to go first.”
Lin Xingchen was running with all his strength, but when Lu Tong caught him, his whole body felt like a deflated rubber ball. He wilted and said, “Of course we are going to the brick factory.”
At this time, Quan Kai also caught up and said: “No, it’s not the brick factory. The brick factory is where the truck was stolen. Of course the ‘ghost’ will not take Sister Lin there. He will definitely find an abandoned and uninhabited place to hide.” Land. I have already b