ed the ‘Hypnosis’ talent ability, and two ‘Hypnosis’ patterns flew out, flying towards the two huge bone dragons.

With the size of the bone dragon, it is not easy to dodge the tracking of the ‘hypnotic’ pattern.
However, the Bone Dragon seemed to have no intention of evading, and allowed the ‘hypnosis’ pattern to hit, and the ‘Hypnosis’ pattern entered the Bone Dragon’s skull, but there was no news.
/David thought about what the black dragon Alexis said. The dragon had the ability to be immune to mental attacks and had to change its fighting style.
He didn’t let the black dragon Alexis take action. He wanted to try the bone dragon’s fighting power to see how strong the legend was.
David wanted to fly, otherwise he would not be able to harm the bone dragon that was over thirty meters tall. He was blocked ten meters away as soon as he took off.
He couldn’t help but shook his head, forgetting this.
David thought, and the fifth-level bishop who stayed at the console came to the console and operated on the console.
The restriction of ten meters in front of David disappeared instantly, and his body soared to thirty meters. Without this height, he would not be able to attack the bone dragon’s head.
As for the remaining bones of the bone dragon, according to David’s visual inspection, even if he slashed with the fifth-grade light sword in his hand, it would not be able to cause fatal damage.
Two bone dragons came to David. The bone dragon on the left opened its mouth and let out a dragon roar.
The dragon’s roar strengthened the dragon’s power, and a wave of pressure rushed towards David. The two divine crystals in David’s soul space flashed several times in succession, but the dragon’s power did not suppress David.
Along with the dragon’s power came an energy full of death. Since David was unable to use the fifth-level bloodline power to condense the bloodline armor, the death energy came into direct contact with the black armor.
In fact, even if David can use the power of blood, the internal rules of the space card also allow him to use the power of blood.
The black armor blocked part of the death energy, but some of the death energy still came into contact with David’s skin.
David felt a sense of loss of life force coming from his skin. Death energy was like the natural enemy of life force. It would attack and devour life force when it encountered it.
Just when he was about to react, his bones reacted on their own. An ‘immortal vitality’ came out of the bones and flowed to the death energy, which dissipated instantly.
David’s body turned into a phantom in the air, and his remaining shadow was shattered by the giant claw of the bone dragon on the right.
David was also shocked. He had great confidence in his speed. After many speed enhancements, his speed could be several points faster than the fifth-level Templar energy clone.
He always thought that his speed was the limit, but the blow from the bone dragon on the right was no slower than him.
Moreover, the bone dragon was much larger than David, which pu