e story of Fengtou Mountain, the story of why those monsters come here repeatedly to attack.

This story is very long and quite interesting when told by Zhao Yun.
The general idea is that the reason why Fengtou Mountain is called Fengtou Mountain is not because it looks like a phoenix head, but because it is said that in ancient times, a phoenix fell here and turned into a mountain.
And those monsters came here because they wanted to get something.
As for the troops under Zhao Yun’s command, Zhao Yun did not say anything. Wei Xiaobei also knew that according to the gray realm forces he had come into contact with, this mountainous area could be considered the sphere of influence of Zhao Yun’s troops. How could it be possible to allow those monsters to come and go at will.
Besides, whatever treasures those monsters value, Zhao Yun’s army naturally needs them too. The two are naturally hostile, so it makes sense for them to fight each other.
The more Zhao Yun talked, the more Wei Xiaobei felt not happy, but rather worried.
There is no doubt that with Zhao Yun’s strength, character, status, etc., it is a bit strange to come to him and tell him everything.
What is Wei Xiaobei?
In Zhao Yunjun’s army, he is just an ordinary guest.
Is there any master who just tells everything about himself?
Ask for yourself!
Wei Xiaobei analyzed this without using precise calculations.
Zhao Yun asked him for help?
Perhaps for most people, they will feel extremely honored, as if their status has instantly risen a lot.
But Wei Xiaobei knew that Zhao Yun’s strength seemed to be only that of a four-star elite, but in fact it was probably much more than that. The most terrible thing was that it was conceivable how terrifying the things that Zhao Yun needed help with were.
Are you asking me to risk my life?
Wei Xiaobei felt like he was sitting on a volcano that was about to erupt.
“I have something to ask for.”
Finally the story was finished, Zhao Yun’s face became solemn, and he uttered a sentence that Wei Xiaobei had already guessed.
/Wei Xiaobei had been waiting for this sentence for a long time, so he was so excited that he immediately added a sentence without thinking in his mind: “Young man’s abilities are limited.”
Before Wei Xiaobei could finish speaking, Zhao Yun blocked his words: “Brother Wei, don’t be too modest. Since you can come from the human world, this is fate, just like the Bifang in your storage bag. Bloody.”
Your sister!
Zhao Yun will threaten people?
Wei Xiaobei, who was already accustomed to Zhao Yun’s gentle attitude, was a little dizzy from this sap blow.
Wei Xiaobei had indeed lost that Bifang’s blood.
Zhao Yun had not asked for Bi Fang’s blood before. Wei Xiaobei felt that they had no need for it, so he naturally refused.
The problem is, if this is investigated, Wei Xiaobei will not be able to escape the charge of embezzling Mexican military funds.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not a member of Zhao Yun’s army, and Zhao Yun’s military law seemed to have no control over him.
But when I thought abou