ble that he is cared for so delicately.

To be honest, at this point, Wei Xiaobei didn’t even have the slightest thought to deal with him.
The footsteps moved to the master bedroom door and stopped, followed by extremely terrifying silence.
For a moment, the entire house was silent, leaving only Wei Xiaobei’s faint breathing, and the air seemed to freeze.
Bang bang! Bang bang! Bang bang!
Half a minute later, there was a sudden knock on the door, three times in a row.
/At this moment, Wei Xiaobei’s muscles tensed up and he entered a battle-ready state. He touched the small treasure bag with his right hand, and a large gun with a faint metallic luster appeared.
The master bedroom is not too small in area, with a full area of ??twenty square meters, but with a large gun of more than three meters lying across it, it seems a bit small.
But Wei Xiaobei didn’t pay attention to this at all. His eyes were fixed on the door, and the tip of the big spear trembled slowly, like a long snake waiting to be devoured.
Finally, the frozen air loosened.
The footsteps finally passed through the door and appeared in the master bedroom!
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes tightened as he stared at the door, and the corners of his eyes narrowed violently. A pair of extremely bright red high heels appeared in front of the door with the sound of footsteps!
It should be said that bright red high heels like this appear at the feet of any long-legged beauty, which will undoubtedly add a bit of glamor to this beauty.
But here, the bright red high-heeled shoes that appear are just high-heeled shoes, but there is no pair of charming long legs on them!
It’s empty!
It was as if an invisible person appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei wearing these bright red high heels!
When Wei Xiaobei saw these bright red high-heeled shoes, his back suddenly felt numb, as if a cold poisonous snake had climbed up his back.
This is an extremely dangerous warning!
No hesitation!
The big gun jumped out like a swimming dragon, and a golden light suddenly appeared from the tip of the gun, pointing directly at the red high heels!
Uh-huh! Swish!
The gun head instantly shook out three gun flowers, with three points of golden light, and pierced the high heels and the knees and abdomen where the human body should be!
The big gun is on target! Those bright red high heels!
The big gun has lost its target! The big gun has lost its target!
In fact, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, these three rapid shots did not hit any physical target at all, including the pair of bright red high heels, which seemed to have no physical existence.
But the next moment, a woman’s scream suddenly sounded.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei felt as if his brain had been hit hard by a sledgehammer. The moment he heard the scream, his entire brain became numb!
Extremely dangerous! Extremely dangerous!
Extremely dangerous!
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei could hardly control his consciousness, and his brain, which was about to faint, knew that this was his most dangerous moment!
Early warning