re is no market for summer clothing.

With Wei Xiaobei’s current physique, it was impossible to wear the clothes, pants and even shoes he used to wear.
Wei Xiaobei tried on the largest T-shirt in the mall. It felt pretty good and the price was cheap. T-shirts cost 20 yuan a piece and shorts cost 25 yuan a pair. He bought three sets and paid 135 yuan.
When he went out and turned right, he walked 10 steps forward and there was a store specializing in shoes. He picked out a pair of leather shoes and two pairs of sneakers for 100 yuan, one pair in size 43 and one pair in size 44. Wei Xiaobei was a little worried about how he would improve his body in the future. If you are strong, you may need to change shoes again.
Okay, today’s shopping is done.
/Wei Xiaobei was wearing a knockoff Jordan T-shirt and squeezed onto the bus.
Money seems to be a bit insufficient again.
Reaching out and grabbing the hanging ring on the top easily, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were a little blurry, thinking about things. It seemed that he should go to his senior brother to contact him about the black fist.
The little money I earned from boxing was like a mountain of sand on the beach. It disappeared without a trace as soon as the waves rolled up.
By the way, I haven’t done any high consumption yet.
After discovering this, Wei Xiaobei had a burning desire to practice black boxing.
“Why are you like this?” Suddenly, a pleasant female voice came from the front of the bus.
Then a rogue male voice sounded: “What’s wrong? I’m here to tell you, don’t frame good people! You tell me! If you can’t tell me anything, I’ll take you to the police station! I’m a person with status. !”
The voice was somewhat familiar, and Wei Xiaobei regained his wandering thoughts.
Well, it was the male voice that seemed familiar, not the female voice.
“You, you gangster! Touch my butt!” As the girl’s accusations sounded, whispers suddenly started to sound in the carriage, probably because they thought the man was immoral.
But this society seems a little too indifferent. Most of the passengers watching were just whispering, and no one stood up to catch the pervert.
Maybe the pervert was a little worried before, but after seeing that no one around him stood up for justice, he suddenly became bolder.
After that, the sounds coming from the front of the bus were basically beatings and scoldings, as well as the arrogant laughter of a pervert.
Wei Xiaobei felt a little annoyed when his train of thought was interrupted by this man. He let go of the ring and pushed forward.
Those passengers were a little unhappy when Wei Xiaobei squeezed them away, but when they saw Wei Xiaobei’s unusual size, they didn’t dare to say anything and just cursed secretly in their hearts.
/When Wei Xiaobei squeezed to the front of the bus, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. A weak girl was leaning on the armrest, with tears in her eyes, staring at the man next to her with angry eyes.
Well, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know the girl, but he knew the man.
Isn’t he the bus sex demon from last