endured here is very severe, in the face of the threat of death, this pain seems to be weakened a lot.

But staying in the experimental building does not mean that they have escaped the threat of death.
Within half a minute, the girl’s boyfriend’s head exploded in horror, spraying scarlet blood and white brains onto the other three.
“I can not stand it any more!!!!”
The boy who lived in Zhang Tiankun’s upper bunk, the good brother who suggested inviting Bixian, suddenly jumped up from his seat and rushed outside.
/But this time death came faster. The boy only ran five steps. Bang, the sound of explosion was heard, and his head was torn apart and sprayed in all directions. The headless body continued to run forward for three steps before finally He fell to the ground and never moved again.
At this point, only Zhang Tiankun and the boy who wrote the paper were left in the laboratory building.
The two of them looked at each other with ferocious expressions, their heads were in severe pain, but their hearts were filled with extreme fear.
If this trend continues, these two people may not be able to survive.
At this moment, an idea suddenly came to the two of them for no reason, to kill each other! Then you can live!
You must be able to survive!
Coincidentally, the two of them immediately started fighting for the black brush in their hands.
By this time, their minds had completely collapsed and they could not care about their friendship in the same dormitory.
Zhang Tiankun took the lead and punched the opponent in the face with his left hand.
The boy had a splitting headache at this time. Who would have noticed Zhang Tiankun’s punch? Even though he was hit in the nose, after a moment of dizziness, the brush in the boy’s hand was snatched away by Zhang Tiankun.
Then, without any hesitation, Zhang Tiankun thrust the black brush in his hand towards the opponent’s face.
And this black writing brush turned into a sharp dagger in an instant.
In the blink of an eye, the dagger was inserted deeply into the boy’s face. The boy didn’t even let out a scream, so he threw his head back and fell down.
Kill him! Finally killed him!
At this moment, Zhang Tiankun’s brain pain disappeared, and a voice rang in Zhang Tiankun’s mind.
The general meaning is that Zhang Tiankun has now gained their recognition and will have incomparable power. In return, Zhang Tiankun must lure more than ten people here every month to perform the ritual of inviting the Brush Immortal.
After that, Zhang Tiankun fell into a coma.
When he woke up, he found that his strength had become extremely powerful, at least equivalent to the strength of five adult men, and he could also use the Bixian clone integrated into his body to carry out some extremely weird attacks.
In short, at this time, Zhang Tiankun felt extremely powerful, as if he was invincible in the world.
As for the four headless corpses inside and outside the experimental building, they were nowhere to be seen. It was unknown where they went.
/Zhang Tiankun inquired about it, but