Fortunately, he didn’t lie, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.
But what surprised Wei Xiaobei even more was that Zhao Yun actually sounded like he knew a lot about the gray world.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s idea, this Zhao Yun is like an NPC arranged by the gray world to train troops here. He probably thought that he was in the Shu Han period. Seeing Zhao Yun’s appearance, Wei Xiaobei was a little unsure.
Regarding Zhao Yun’s words, the village chief looked like he didn’t understand at all. However, seeing Zhao Yun’s expression becoming gentler towards Wei Xiaobei, the village chief did not dare to do anything to Wei Xiaobei and looked like he was holding his breath.
“Since you are not from this world, I believe that Brother Wei is not a spy.”
/Zhao Yun smiled.
At this time, a loud noise came from the valley entrance in the distance.
Suddenly everyone turned their attention.
I saw that the mouth of the valley at this time had turned into a sea of ??fire.
After the big Bifang fought several times with the little Zhao Sima, also known as Zhao Tong, he was unable to defeat Zhao Tong for a while. Then he shook his body, and the fire cloud spread around his body, covering thousands of square meters, and then the fire cloud Sparks continued to fall towards the ground.
When these sparks first broke away from the fire cloud, they were only the size of sesame seeds and could hardly be seen clearly. However, they continued to grow in size as they fell, and when they finally fell to the ground, they were already the size of a human head.
The dense fireballs fell with an astonishing momentum, but they had no lethal effect on Zhao Tong.
Just where the fireball fell, a layer of white light emitted from Zhao Tong’s body, repelling the fireball falling towards him.
But this fireball was not originally used to kill Zhao Tong, but to create a sea of ??fire.
The fireballs continued to fall, and all the weeds on the ground started to burn. Soon the ground formed a sea of ??fire, and even some fireballs fell densely on the ground, and the soil turned red and began to melt.
Zhao Tong shot three times in a row, and nine white mist arrows chased after Da Bifang.
Zhao Tong grasped the timing very well this time. Since Da Bifang needed to control the fire cloud, he was chased by the air arrows. Although he dodged a lot, he was hit by two arrows in the end and broke through his body. From the two large holes, fiery red blood poured out instantly.
After Bifang’s blood flowed out, it turned into flames and fell down, adding fuel to the sea of ????fire on the ground.
It seemed that Zhao Tong had gained the upper hand. He kept drawing the long bow in his hand and shot out white mist arrows one after another, chasing the big Bi Fangdong into hiding, with big holes opening in his body from time to time.
But what Zhao Tong didn’t notice was that the little Bifang had quietly landed on the ground and merged into the blazing sea of ??fire, and his injuries immediately began to recover.
There is no doubt that th