brother who was in class, left the martial arts hall, hailed a taxi and headed towards the rental street.

To be honest, those security guards didn’t think much of Cheng’s Martial Arts School before.
After all, most of the security guards who can be sent for training are elites in the security company. They have more or less kung fu in their bodies, including veterans, former gangsters, and family kung fu.
In their opinion, Cheng’s Martial Arts School was probably just a place where dogs were raised and sold for dog meat.
But after a few days, they were convinced by their senior brother, and any attempt to challenge him in a duel was severely punished.
And this guy named Wei Xiaobei was even more terrifying in their eyes. He was still injured a few days ago, but he actually followed Captain Zheng to have a black boxing match and killed the Muay Thai fighter called Feitian Mo in one fell swoop. !
It was difficult for them to keep this kind of thing a secret. Today they saw Wei Xiaobei crashing into a tree again and again, and he weighed it in his mind. What would be the consequences if he was hit by this guy?
But after weighing it, these security guards felt that their legs were a little weak. If they had stood in front of him, most of their ribs would have been broken and they would have vomited blood and died.
This was no joke, just by looking at the strength of the tree shaking, you could tell how powerful Wei Xiaobei was.
What a bull!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know that the security guards had become more honest in front of his senior brother because of his performance. After getting out of the taxi, Wei Xiaobei went to Fat Aunt’s canteen, bought two bottles of liquor and some braised vegetables, and walked slowly Went back.
After entering the small rental building, Wei Xiaobei heard men and women yelling and cursing from the corridor.
Um? what happened? Wei Xiaobei looked at the time. It was seven after three o’clock in the afternoon. At this time, shouldn’t there be no one in the rental house except Zhou Lijun, the otaku?
/Today is not Saturday or Sunday. Those office workers cannot stay here except under special circumstances.
After walking through most of the corridor, Wei Xiaobei discovered that the sound came from Li Lanxing and Huang Dajun’s room.
“Huang Dajun, are you worthy of me?” The door could not block Li Lanxing’s crying voice.
“What’s right or wrong? I’ve been with you for so long, and I can’t even be intimate with you. I’m a man, not a robot!”
Huang Dajun yelled, followed by a slap. After that, the door opened, and Huang Dajun came out dejectedly with a slap mark on his face. He looked up and saw Wei Xiaobei.
“Xiao Bei is back?” Huang Dajun forced a smile on his face, perhaps trying to hide it.
“Ah, yes, come to my place for a drink?”
Although Wei Xiaobei was a little reluctant, he had to raise the white wine and braised vegetables in his hand to invite the other party when he was greeted.
“I still have something to do in the company, next time, next time.” How could Huang Dajun go to W