nk some world tree sap to speed up recovery.

But having said that, at this location, the dragon dung stones collected are much more than those on the shore, and their age also begins to increase.
Seeing that his body could withstand such damage, Wei Xiaobei did not plan to go ashore in a short time. Anyway, the storage bracelet would not be burned by the magma, and there was still some food inside.
Soaked in the magma, Wei Xiaobei could feel that his fire resistance had improved again. Although it was slow, it was a real improvement.
Of course, in the ten seconds after breaking through the eight-meter limit, this improvement effect is even more significant.
It just takes more time to recover.
Undoubtedly, this behavior is a kind of self-abuse!
/But this kind of self-abuse can bring benefits.
Just when the food in the storage bracelet was about to be eaten up, Wei Xiaobei, who was walking back and forth in the magma, suddenly stiffened and fell down, half floating and half sinking on top of the magma. .
This was not Wei Xiaobei’s active behavior, but at that moment, he felt that his body had lost control, and a strange change was taking place inside and outside his body.
The magma rippling outside the body gradually changed from hot to warm during this change, and even a trace of warm current poured into the body through the skin of the back.
This feeling is like taking a bath in a hot spring.
With the immersion of this heat, Wei Xiaobei could clearly feel the changes in his body, and traces of flames burned in his body, making his whole body glow red inside and outside.
But Wei Xiaobei could only judge that this change was for the better, but as for what was going on, he didn’t quite understand.
After a full twenty minutes, Wei Xiaobei regained control of his body.
As soon as he regained control of his body, Wei Xiaobei felt that his ability to resist fire had been greatly improved compared to before.
With a thought in his mind, Wei Xiaobei immediately turned his attention to the attribute panel.
Sure enough, there has been a change.
That fire immunity (low level) has been promoted to fire immunity (intermediate level).
Fire immunity (intermediate level): The host can be completely immune to high temperatures below 1,200 degrees Celsius and even direct licking by flames, high temperatures below 2,000 degrees Celsius and even direct licking by flames, weakening 90% of damage, and high temperatures above 2,000 degrees Celsius. Or the flame has the effect of weakening the damage by 50%. To improve this ability, you need to bathe in the blood of monsters with higher biological levels.
Wei Xiaobei gave it a try and plunged his body into the magma eight meters away. The damage to him by the magma that could burn his body before was reduced to only damaging his skin.
Feeling the slight sting, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but let out a comfortable breath.
This improvement in flame immunity means that in reality, most magma cannot harm him.
very good!
/Well, feeling a little hungry, Wei Xiaobei turned aroun