echnique, these monks are probably very familiar with it, but they can still persist in practicing it. This persistence alone makes Wei Xiaobei sigh in his heart, the world’s martial arts The saying “come out of Shaolin” is indeed true.

Well, speaking of these monks, there are also a few children under the age of ten among them.
In Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, these children’s skills were extremely solid.
In other words, if Wei Xiaobei didn’t have an attribute panel, he might not be as good as these young monks.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, his face could not help but heat up slightly, and then he stopped watching, found an open space by himself, and started to practice boxing.
It has to be said that only when there is comparison can there be competition, and when there is competition, people will strive to make progress.
After watching those monks practice boxing, Wei Xiaobei seemed extremely focused at this time, even entering a state of no one.
It was only after Wei Xiaobei finished a set of Bajiquan that he noticed that a few young monks were squatting not far away curiously, looking at him with their big bright eyes, looking particularly special. cute.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei finishing his exercise, one of the round-faced, slightly fat little monks rushed over impatiently and saluted Wei Xiaobei: “Amitabha, this benefactor, this little monk is polite.”
At such a young age, pretending to be a Buddhist monk makes people feel particularly happy.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei almost laughed out loud, but when he thought that this would hurt his young heart, Wei Xiaobei had to hold it back, and he almost suffered internal injuries.
“This little mage is so polite, what’s the matter?”
/After Wei Xiaobei stopped laughing, he bowed back and asked.
“I heard from Senior Brother Yanzhen that you are very powerful. I wonder if that’s true?”
The little guy looked at Wei Xiaobei seriously and said.
“Yanmi! Don’t disturb Master Wei Shi’s boxing practice.”
At this time, a young monk came over and said slightly sternly.
Hearing what his senior brother said, the young monk named Shi Yanmi suddenly looked frustrated, but he still politely said goodbye to Wei Xiaobei and prepared to turn around.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t bear it and hurriedly stopped him: “It’s okay, this little master is also determined to be martial. Little master Yanmi, can you watch me do a trick?”
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei didn’t care, the young monk didn’t say anything. He just stood aside and looked at Wei Xiaobei curiously, ready to see what tricks he could perform.
After last night’s competition, all the monks in Shaolin knew that Wei Xiaobei’s strength was unfathomable. There were even rumors that the head of the Prajna Hall admitted that he was not as good as Wei Xiaobei after seeing him.
Although there is no so-called strength ranking among Shaolin monks, everyone knows that the person with the highest martial arts in the Shaolin Temple, besides the head of the Bodhidharma Hall, is the head of the Prajna Hall.
As a result, while these young monks we