enough to threaten Lord Arthur in the divine world.

Of course, the four Templars present also understood that General David’s shortcomings were also obvious. As long as they did not engage in close combat with General David, General David’s swordsmanship could not threaten them.
Because General David’s swordsmanship is achieved through the fifth-level light sword, rather than the energy extension of the light sword, his threat range is destined to be within a five-meter close range.
/The Templar knights here were discussing David’s swordsmanship, and they never thought that David and Lord Arthur were the same person.
On the other side, after Admiral Francis arranged the work for David, he excitedly ordered his adjutant to send the video of the battle between David and Lord Ludwig back to the Federation.
Except for the temporary Skynet established within the fleet, the Skynet cannot be connected to other places in the Divine Great World, and this Skynet cannot be connected to the Skynet of the Interstellar Federation.
Federal orders need to be sent to the Guardian Star through warships outside the boundary of the Divine World. The military information that the military on the Guardian Star needs to report is also sent out of the Divine World boundary through the battleship. As long as you leave the border, you can pass the military in the battleship. Large-scale communication equipment is connected to Skynet.
/“Report!” Adjutant Colonel Jekyll said excitedly outside the Grand Marshal’s Office of the Federation Headquarters of Origin Star.
“Come in!” Marshal Andre stretched himself. After taking the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, his energy has been very strong. This is why he is extremely concerned about David, because ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ ‘It was given to him by David.
For a long time, Generalissimo Andre was almost about to retire due to physical reasons. It was David who gave him new political life.
“Generalissimo, look at this video!” Adjutant Jekyll said while suppressing his excitement.
He operated, and a light curtain was raised in front of General Andre, and a video of the battle between David and Lord Ludwig was played on the light curtain.
The video was short, but the result of the battle was that Marshal Andre suddenly stood up.
Grand Marshal Andre recognized Lord Ludwig, one of the few top Templars who had the ability to compete for the position of Speaker, and a very powerful lord.
But such a powerful Templar did not catch David’s sword.
Generalissimo Andre would not think that this video was fake. Not to mention that it was sent by General Francis, even Lord Ludwig would not cooperate with the fraud.
There is only one possibility, that is, General David’s strength is beyond everyone’s imagination.
Marshal Andre couldn’t help but think of the fact that General David had been in seclusion for a long time. In the past, he thought that David was using seclusion as an excuse, but in fact he was getting rid of military affairs.
Now that I think about it, General David is really pr