put them into his pocket, took the identity document he bought at a high price, carried the brown suitcase, and walked out of the folk herbal shop.

Looking back at the various potion materials that had not been sold out, Darkwill’s chubby face twitched obviously.
He took a breath, endured the pain and locked the door, went straight to the alley, stopped a taxi, and headed to the Bayam Passenger Ferry Ticketing Company.
“It’s too dangerous, it’s too dangerous, the old man has been caught.” “He’s been caught.” He sat in the carriage and muttered to himself repeatedly, trembling slightly.
In this state, he finally came to the ticketing company. As soon as he paid the fare, he quickly rushed into the lobby and queued in front of the window of the passenger ferry to East Balam.
Breathe, breathe, Hudakwill took deep breaths, followed closely behind the ticket buyers in line, and moved step by step.
“Buy the nearest boat.” He emphasized to himself.
While moving forward intermittently, Darkwill gradually became quiet.
/His expression suddenly became distorted, then quickly calmed down, distorted again, and calmed down again.
When there was only one ticket buyer left in front of him, Darkwill’s footsteps froze in place.
“You stupid donkey, you stupid donkey,” he cursed to himself, turned around suddenly, picked up his suitcase and identity document, and walked out of the ticket hall.
Klein doesn’t care how the fat pharmacist Darkwill saves his teacher Roy King. He thinks it’s not something he should consider.
Just wait, maybe Will Asceptin, the “Snake of Destiny”, will give me some benefit. Remember to prepare a pencil next time. I ignored this problem before. How big can a thousand origami cranes be? I can quickly tell it with a pen. If there is no place to write information, then I can’t take the initiative to contact Will Ascetin, I can only wait passively, and I can’t keep this paper crane on me forever. It will have to be returned to the pile of debris above the gray fog in a few days. , after all, I can’t always let Will Ascetin locate me, so I was careful because Klein made a quick decision, returned to the “Azure Wind”, packed his luggage, and checked out of the luxury suite.
Soon, Klein changed neighborhoods and came to Ortom Street near the Sweet Leaf Bar. He checked into a hotel called “Tiana” and asked for a clean but ordinary room. It only cost 2 soles and 2 pence a day. , and also comes with a glass of juice squeezed from the giant fruit “Tiana”.
Drinking the slightly sweet milky juice, Klein no longer needed to worry about his image. He slumped down on the easy chair in the room and decided to spend the next two hours in a daze and catch up on his sleep, before going to browse the believers above the gray fog. Pray and experience the feeling of thousands of people with thousands of faces.
Backlund, White family.
Emlyn looked at the blood-red “gem” that appeared in the altar, as if he could hear his own blood resonating with it.
After thanking Mr. Fool, he picked up the gem and sensed the specia