iant pen was smashed into at least two pieces by the diamond mace!

Isn’t this fairy’s combat power too weak?
Although Wei Xiaobei was surprised, he did not forget what he should do. After breaking the giant pen, he rushed forward.
However, just because the giant pen was broken by the diamond mace, it does not mean that the pen fairy died.
As the broken giant pen shook for a while, it turned from a solid body into a virtual body, and then the two broken sections were reconnected and restored to their original state.
This ordinary physical attack seems to have no effect on these pen immortals.
Wei Xiaobei frowned.
Of course, he did not want to fight to the death with these pen immortals at this time. It was enough to be able to open a way to escape.
But the next moment, a strange wave caught up from behind Wei Xiaobei.
Curse of all immortals!
The hair on Wei Xiaobei’s back stood up as he remembered the tragic situation of the mutated farmer’s market.
Judging from the current situation of these pen immortals and dish immortals, their combat effectiveness is almost non-existent, but the so-called curse of ten thousand immortals is a headache.
As long as you are caught by this curse of ten thousand immortals, you will be plagued by bad luck, and all kinds of unlucky things will happen to you.
In reality, Wei Xiaobei was not very worried about this bad luck.
/After all, it’s just like that in reality. No matter how unlucky you are, it’s just electric shock, flooding, house collapse, car accident, etc. But in this gray world, the mutated farmer’s market has already demonstrated what unlucky is.
If you are not careful, you may attract powerful monsters!
Wei Xiaobei asked himself, if he was targeted by Long Bo’s people, he might not be able to escape like the mutant farmer’s market.
Just when Wei Xiaobei secretly cried out that he was unlucky, a bright light appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes. After a moment, the light turned into a blue light and enveloped Wei Xiaobei.
The strange fluctuations that originally rushed towards Wei Xiaobei were firmly blocked by this blue light.
Not cursed!
Wei Xiaobei could naturally see the process of resisting the Curse of Ten Thousand Immortals in the battle description.
And this blue light was emitted by the stone tablet given to him by the Pingwheel Messenger.
Well, to be precise, this stone tablet has been renamed as Beikui Xuanfan Mansion Divine Tiger Lord Soul Seventh Division Jade Girl’s Waist Tablet!
Wei Xiaobei suddenly realized that he had forgotten that the Qisi Jade Girl waist card originally had two effects, one of which was to weaken the influence of the spirit body.
Although these pen immortals and dish immortals are extremely weird, they still belong to the scope of spiritual bodies, so the curse of ten thousand immortals issued by them is just restrained by this waist card.
However, the effect of this waist card is so good that the Curse of Ten Thousand Immortals has no effect at all.
Of course, the Qi Si Jade Girl’s waist card is not only able t