n the python’s abdomen.

Suddenly, there was a heavy blow to the abdomen, and the giant python went crazy. Its huge body twisted wildly. Although it almost pinned Wei Xiaobei directly underneath, it also solved some troubles for Wei Xiaobei.
When those heroic warriors saw the giant python going crazy, they all stopped trying to catch up.
This giant python was not very smart. It didn’t see Wei Xiaobei. Instead, it targeted the dozen Frost Giants in front of Wei Xiaobei. It rushed forward and swallowed one Frost Giant in one mouthful. abdomen.
Those frost giants were naturally unconvinced. When they saw their kind being swallowed by the giant python, they used all their strength to hit the giant python with ice arrows like a blizzard, which made the giant python identify them.
Wei Xiaobei, on the other hand, was making a fortune in a low voice. When the attention of the surrounding people was not on him, he got down on all fours and stayed close to the ground, like a fast crawling spider, bypassing several small battlefields in a flash.
It has to be said that crawling close to the ground is indeed convenient for concealment.
On this battlefield, guys with a height of more than one meter are basically the objects of attention, but Wei Xiaobei crawled close to the ground. The giants ignored him at first, and it was difficult for other monsters to notice him.
Under such circumstances, it became much easier for Wei Xiaobei to walk through the battlefield. At most, he could only be careful not to be accidentally injured.
But such good things cannot last forever.
Just as Wei Xiaobei climbed about ten kilometers in a circle, he was about to approach the area where Kesmier was, but in front of him, a group of dwarves were fighting with a group of flame giants.
/As for the flames rising from the ground, Wei Xiaobei could still bear it.
The problem was that the few dwarves who were tapping the Fire Giant’s toes with heavy hammers might not be happy, and they accidentally stared at Wei Xiaobei as he crawled past.
/Well, needless to say what happened next, a few dwarfs hulaed around him.
They are not games. They are so kind in the novel, and they lift a heavy hammer and hit Wei Xiaobei down.
Due to their height, these dwarfs could easily defend Xiaobei without any difficulty at all.
There was no way Wei Xiaobei would be hit by those heavy hammers.
Even though most of these dwarves are only less than 1.2 meters tall, the heavy hammers in their hands are at least the size of dustpans and have a metallic color. If you look at the muscles of the dwarves, you will know that after being hit by such a heavy hammer, , what consequences will occur.
I’m afraid even a piece of steel will be hit with a deep mark by this heavy hammer.
However, Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to get entangled with these dwarves. With a leap of the fish and a headbutt, he knocked the two dwarves in front of him who had just raised the heavy hammers away. Then the two heavy hammers that fell down were hit by Wei Xiaobei. Xiaobei was kicked out with a scis