In the following time, Wei Xiaobei continued to fetch water from the lake and use the Dragon Fire Cauldron to concentrate the black blood.
Gradually, the level of the Black Lake continued to drop. Eventually, the bloody men became anxious and launched a desperate attack on Wei Xiaobei.
But this effort was of no use.
In the end, after spending nearly two months, only a small area in the center of the Black Blood Lake was left, more than 20 square meters, like a small pond, and hundreds of blood people were densely crowded on the small lake. There was a look of extreme horror on his face.
Undoubtedly, even if they have a low IQ, they can feel that their end is coming.
/At this time, even if they wanted to attack Wei Xiaobei, it would be impossible. The small lake surface was simply not enough to support their waste.
The white mist dragon spear in Wei Xiaobei’s hand hit these bloody people, causing them to collapse. Each one broke into black blood and fell down, which actually made the lake expand a little.
/But the next moment, Wei Xiaobei used the storage ring to collect the remaining lake water and all the bloody people who had not yet recovered their bodies.
It has to be said that these bloody people were extremely unlucky when they met Wei Xiaobei.
Not only was the lake where he lived drained away, but he himself was also taken away.
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of sending these bloody men to the Dragon Fire Cauldron for refining.
After all, after refining all the black blood lake, Wei Xiaobei had already produced a lot of concentrated black blood, not less than this.
The special form of a creature like the Blood Man is undoubtedly its most valuable thing!
In the next half month, Wei Xiaobei scanned the surrounding area with this black blood lake as the center.
Well, I didn’t find anything good, but I did find a lot of various weird plants, and I also gained some evolution points, about 8,000 points, which is pretty good.
And when Hansen was able to return to reality, he left in a hurry.
For an old man like Hansen, he no longer has the impulse of youth. For him, the biggest thing is to find a good son-in-law for his little daughter. As for other things, well, just treat it as a wonderful marriage. Dreams are better.
Wei Xiaobei counted the time and found that he had been in the world of tree ash for more than three months, and it was almost time to go back.
Anyway, Hansen’s hunting place corresponds to the Paradise of the Gods. Next time he comes in, he won’t have to make many unnecessary trips.
Thinking of leaving silently in his mind, Wei Xiaobei closed his eyes, and his figure soon began to become transparent, and finally disappeared without a trace in the air.
Three days later, Wei Xiaobei sat on the passenger ship from Norway to London.
According to the original plan, Wei Xiaobei was going to visit France and Spain, but just when Wei Xiaobei was about to book a flight, he learned that due to some volcanic eruption and the impact of volcanic ash, flights in most directions