r later.

But now, most of the giant monster has emerged from the sea, and it has started a massacre on the cruise ship.
Faced with this sudden change, even the captain, who had been sailing on the sea for decades, was caught off guard.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei’s mind was quickly thinking about how to drive away this monster.
Of course, the best way is to release your breath.
But Wei Xiaobei suspected that the sea monster’s appearance was not that simple. Of course, judging from the sea monster’s unorganized behavior, it didn’t look like someone was directing it.
When Wei Xiaobei was hesitating, the wisdom of the people on the ship came into play.
I don’t know who came up with the idea, but a group of sailors pushed out a water cannon and connected it to the cruise ship’s oil pump.
As the oil pump started, a column of oil sprayed towards the clawed sea monster.
A large amount of mixture of diesel and heavy oil covered the sea monster’s head. The next moment, a fire starter approached the oil column, and sparks flashed.
A stream of flames jumped out along the oil column. Within a few seconds, the flames turned into a sea of ??fire and spread across the sea monster.
In the blink of an eye, the sea on the side of the cruise ship turned into a sea of ??flames that continued to spread.
There is no doubt that the sea monster, who was looking for snacks and eating happily, never thought that the sea would suddenly turn into a sea of ??fire.
/The blazing high temperature caused the sea monster to retract its tentacles in an instant and kept lashing the sea surface in an attempt to extinguish the inexplicable flames.
It has to be said that this sea monster’s IQ is really not good enough for something he has never seen before.
Obviously, you only need to sink into the sea to get rid of the sea of ????fire above the sea, but this sea monster may be too superstitious about its incomparable strength, so it chose to fight.
Seeing the sea monster burning in the sea of ??fire, the sailors were so excited that they cursed loudly.
“Go eat shit, sea monster!”
“Burn it! Burn it!”
However, the oil column sprayed from the water cannon quickly stopped. The reason is simple: the cruise ship was too close to the sea of ????fire.
Especially when the sea monster slapped the flames with its tentacles, it had already hit a lot of seawater mixed with diesel into the lower layers of the cruise ship.
You can imagine what would happen if the diesel fuel flowed into the ship.
Fortunately, the captain was quite experienced. While accelerating the cruise ship away from the sea of ????fire, he quickly organized manpower to extinguish the fire and transfer the passengers.
Fortunately, not much diesel flowed into the cruise ship, and the flames were quickly extinguished.
After that, I don’t know if the sea monster was caught in a fight with the flames or for some reason, but it didn’t catch up.
This made all the captains and sailors on the cruise ship breathe a sigh of relief. After some comfort, the passengers f