ips, those words that seemed to be made in nature were used to joke with Chu Weiyang, but it was at this moment that he was accompanied by some kind of supreme horror. The moment when the breath moved towards the metaphysical realm and towards the clouds of the hundred realms.

The faces of Chu Weiyang and Shi Yuting both changed in shock.
In an instant, Shi Yuting gently twisted his waist on the spot, and the immeasurable divine flower fell on Shi Yuting’s figure. In an instant, the real hundred-flower robe was draped on his body, and Shi Yuting’s bare hands still had enough room to gently lift it from the corner of his mouth. After lightly wiping it, it will immediately stand up in the sky and shine above the boat.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s reaction was even better than Shi Yuting’s.
Almost in just an instant, Chu Weiyang put on his mysterious robe and stood on the bow of the Baijie Yunfang. Then, following the bright aura, the Taoist looked at the dim and turbulent world from a distance. among.
/In an instant, a hundred realms of clouds hovered above the sea of ??fog.
Separated by a mysterious curtain, in the dim ocean, there was an old Taoist sitting on a green lion, holding a lamp in his hand, looking towards Chu Weiyang.
As the two looked at each other, it was Chu Weiyang who saw the old man raise the lamp in his hand.
“I have a life lamp, can you lend me a fire?”
The words of the past seemed to have passed through the gap of years and resounded in Chu Weiyang’s ears.
Then, when Chu Weiyang looked at the lamp in the hand of the old Taoist, he seemed to notice his gaze, and the old Taoist gently lifted the lamp in his hand.
So, when Chu Weiyang looked directly at the big lamp flame, it seemed as if the sun was rising. Almost in just an instant, the glow of the big lamp flame filled Chu Weiyang’s eyes. view.
Furthermore, in the dazzling flames, a boundless illusion stretched out in front of Chu Weiyang.
/That is the real world between heaven and earth, the real world scene.
It was a middle-aged Taoist, walking in the countryside, draped in moonlight and holding a lamp in his hand.
That was a gentle knock on the doors.
It is a reflection of the different faces of hundreds of millions of beings.
“The poor road passes through noble land, but the night is already dark. I wonder if I can borrow a fire?”
The night is always deep and dark, and the bright moon shines like silk and gauze.
In the boundless fantasy world illuminated by flames, all the faces of all living beings are shown with joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. It is the middle-aged Taoist holding a copper lamp in his hand, and a peaceful voice is constantly heard.
Furthermore, with a certain moment, these endless fantasy worlds emerged one after another in the transpiration of the flames, and in the successive revelations, they continued to overlap and expand.
Under the still dark night, a voice sounded a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times.
It is thousands of identical sounds, as if mixed with some strange magic power, mixe