eader could only bid farewell with his head downcast.

It must be said that most people present did not think that a weak woman like Wei Xiaobei could be so powerful, but only the leader knew that the world was now different from before.
Even a young child or an old man would be extremely powerful if he could become a special investigator of the investigation team!
However, accidents always come unexpectedly.
Just when Wei Xiaobei walked out of the regiment headquarters and said goodbye to the regiment leader and others, he heard violent gunfire from the front defense line.
/“No! Something happened!”
The regiment commander had been on this line of defense for a long time, so he could easily identify the intensity of the gunshots. Just by hearing the sound, he knew that there might be a terrible monster ahead!
“Let’s go take a look.”
Wei Xiaobei picked up the group leader in one fell swoop and hurried forward as fast as flying.
There was no problem for Wei Xiaobei to go there alone, but without the regiment leader following him, the soldiers would probably shoot him when they saw him.
The group leader also felt puzzled for a while, as he, a dignified man, was actually lifted up easily by a girl.
/Fortunately, the group leader knew the priority of the matter and hurriedly gave instructions to direct Wei Xiaobei towards the specially built observation tower.
The hundreds of meters in front of the defense line have been covered by the smoke from the artillery fire. However, the observation tower is more than ten meters above the ground. Looking through the military telescope, the field of view is naturally much wider and clearer than below.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t say anything more, and carried the leader up to the observation deck.
I have to say that the leader’s judgment is quite accurate.
At this time, a giant beast over twenty meters in size was rushing towards the defense line under gunfire. This giant beast was shaped like a goat, but it had four sharp horns on its head. Its hair was khaki and its eyes were red.
Surrounding it are groups of monsters with the same shape as it, but much smaller in size. The largest goat is only three meters in size, but the smallest one is also two meters in size.
But there were so many of them that they charged like a galloping army. Under the constant bombardment of artillery fire, many goats fell, but more goats rushed up.
Wei Xiaobei had just read the monster guide and recognized it with a glance.
However, in order to be sure and to block its charge, Wei Xiaobei immediately activated the omniscience.
Undoubtedly, the omniscience brought a great shock to those soil crickets. His gaze was like a laser sweeping across the front of the defense line, and then forced the bodies of those soil crickets who broke through the defense line to be stunned, and then they all fell to the ground.
I have to say that the omniscience is extremely useful in stopping the charge of these weaker monsters.
Name: Soil.
Race: Faun.
Gender: Male.
Age: 58 years old.
Biological level