the group of shark monsters into the sea near the beach.

It wasn’t that the shark demon king came to this beach, but that the shark demon king was frightened by the white mist shrimp. As a result, after passing by, he broke into the territory of a white mist shrimp mother not long after.
Seeing a large number of white mist shrimps rushing towards him, the shark demon king no longer had the desire to eat, so he turned around and left.
This time we walked, the direction was exactly towards the beach.
“Huh? What is that?”
At this time, Zhao Yunjun’s boat was constantly fishing for seafood on the sea not far from the beach.
After gradually becoming regular and familiar with fishing techniques, these small boats will be filled with seafood every once in a while, and they have to return to the beach to carry the catch ashore.
It is pitiful to say that the dignified Shark Monster King was not even as good as the shrimp monster Wei Xiaobei first encountered. Although the shrimp monster was weak, it had tasted the delicious taste of human flesh.
“Your Majesty, how about I go catch one and let you have a taste?”
/According to the habits of these monsters, the enemy’s strength is determined by their size.
There is no doubt that when these shark demons saw that humans were so small, they simply ignored the faint auras emanating from them.
Of course, this also shows that those generals have done a good job of controlling their auras.
“Go away! Does this king still need you to take action?”
The shark demon king who originally fled in embarrassment had a hidden anger in his heart, but now the shark demon flattered him and hit the horse’s leg, and was slapped away by the shark demon king’s tail.
It has to be said that this shark demon king is indeed more powerful than a demon. The shark demon with a length of more than 40 meters was fanned out of the sea by its tail. It was like a heavy bomb. After flying dozens of meters, it hit with a bang. It hit the sea surface and stirred up waves hundreds of meters high.
Before leaving, Wei Xiaobei repeatedly warned the generals who stayed behind to be vigilant in case of problems on the sea surface, lest they lose their lives in vain.
After all, Zhao Yunjun is so powerful, both on land and in the ocean. With those small boats, hehe, I am afraid that even a group of crab monsters and shrimp monsters are no match.
Except for perverts like Wei Xiaobei, even those generals would be a little choked to sink into the water.
So after discovering the giant shark flying out of the sea in the distance, the generals immediately called back the small boat that was still fishing.
If nothing else, the giant shark, which is more than forty meters long, will cause all these small boats to fall apart with just a slight touch. The waves it brings when it swims can easily capsize these small boats.
There is no need to fight giant sharks in the sea.
When he discovered that the boats were desperately moving towards the shore, the Shark Demon King, who educated his men, was a little dumbfounded