d, burning it and making Ba Snake howl miserably. Again and again.

Wei Xiaobei took advantage of this moment, pounced on the snake, and grabbed the snake tightly. Even when it was attacked by the fire dragon next to it, it did not dodge at all.
/Ba Snake, who was caught by Wei Xiaobei, subconsciously wrapped his body around Wei Xiaobei’s arm.
/But it was just Ba Snake’s last struggle!
Wei Xiaobei opened his mouth and bit the snake’s head. Whoops! The snake’s head was bitten off alive, and then the mouth sucked hard, and the rest of the snake’s body was sucked into Wei Xiaobei’s mouth like noodles.
This time, the warm current transformed by the completely swallowed Ba Snake was like a tide, rushing towards every part of Wei Xiaobei’s body, almost making Wei Xiaobei immersed in this boundless pleasure.
Fortunately, the fire dragon nearby took advantage of the opportunity to attack Wei Xiaobei violently, causing Wei Xiaobei to feel the pain.
Wei Xiaobei, who had absorbed all the Ba Snakes, turned his head towards the fire dragon next to him. In the process, Wei Xiaobei’s body continued to expand. In the blink of an eye, the fire dragon that could reach Wei Xiaobei’s knees fell on Wei Xiaobei’s body. Bei’s eyes became as thick as a finger.
There is no doubt that facing a more powerful enemy, the fire dragon had no intention of fighting and turned around to escape.
If it could be solved once and for all, Wei Xiaobei was not willing to leave it to the next time.
As soon as he stretched out his hands, it was like two mountains pressing down on the fire dragon.
The fire dragon dodged left and right, but could not escape the suppression of the mountain. In the blink of an eye, it was firmly grasped by Wei Xiaobei.
The panicked fire dragon kept spraying flames towards Wei Xiaobei’s fingers.
But now, these flames are only slightly hot to Wei Xiaobei, and it is no longer possible to hurt Wei Xiaobei.
The two fingers of his right hand held the fire dragon, as if holding a small lizard.
The mouth, which looked like a huge pit in the eyes of the fire dragon, came closer. The fire dragon was so shocked that it struggled desperately and even bit Wei Xiaobei’s finger in one bite.
Although this bite made a hole in Wei Xiaobei’s finger, the struggle was useless.
With a slight release of two fingers, the fire dragon fell instantly and fell into Wei Xiaobei’s mouth. His mouth was closed and his teeth were gently ground. The fire dragon immediately turned into a warm current like a flood and flowed all over Wei Xiaobei’s body.
it is finally over.
Wei Xiaobei’s mind was ejected from the body of the faceless villain in an instant.
However, Wei Xiaobei could still clearly see everything happening in his dantian at this time.
The faceless villain sat cross-legged on his own, sitting on the liquid ball. A faint golden light gradually emitted from his body. When he reached the back, the golden light made Wei Xiaobei unable to see what changes had occurred in the faceless villain.
After waiting for a while, Wei Xi