l five experts must be able to use a sniper rifle and be able to achieve Extremely strong level.

‘Kryptonite powder’ is the most powerful explosive of the Interstellar Federation. Coupled with the weapon design technology of the Interstellar Federation and the pattern knowledge of the divine world, it has achieved this power beyond imagination.
With fourth-level quality sniper bullets and the ‘penetration pattern’ drawn by the master alchemist, each attack consumes sky-high price bullets. Even the top nobles in the divine world do not dare to have such luxury.
You must know that the number of alchemy masters in the divine world is only in single digits. Moreover, compared with the alchemy level of those alchemy masters and David, there is still a big gap.
David fiddled with the fifth-level ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ in his hand. Next to him was a fifth-level light sword and a piece of ‘Extraordinary Armor’. The ‘Extraordinary Armor’ was just for show, in order to be able to Suitable for the ‘black dragon power’ in his body, he made some modifications to this ‘extraordinary armor’.
Although it was a bit exaggerated for him to possess a fifth-level weapon as a member of the Federation, but with David’s status and the things he had done in the Federation, no one dared to pursue anything.
He no longer needs to care about other people’s opinions. He is already the person at the top of the pyramid in the Interstellar Federation.
At this time, the destroyer had arrived at the boundary of the Divine World. The transport ships here had already received the order and all stopped entering and exiting the border, leaving busy transport routes out of the way, just to allow the destroyers of the ‘Federal God of War’ to go first.
/These soldiers did not have any complaints. General David, the ‘Federal God of War’, was extremely famous in the army. There were many legends about General David in the army.
As the destroyer flew past the transport ship, the transport ship turned on its signal light to show respect for David.
In the transport ship, the soldiers looked at the destroyer through the portholes, their eyes full of fanaticism.
These soldiers have little concept of politics and power. The only thing they know is the worship of the strong.
Of course, these transport ships stopped the transportation line not only because of General David’s reputation, but more importantly because General David is a commissioner of the Federal Command, representing the Federal Command and Generalissimo Andre.
The destroyer passed through a diaphragm and flew over the boundary of the divine world. David felt the oppressive force of the world’s rules coming from the clone clone. This feeling made him very uncomfortable.
But he also discovered that the suppression of the world’s rules endured by the cloned clone did not suppress his strength much, and he could still maintain about 80% of his combat power.
/You must know that cloned clones are at the inheritance level, and with about 80% of their combat power, they can instantly kill any lev