e “Pinghe Department Store” on the cover, and Su Mei’s seal inside.

“From now on, when you come to our department store to shop, you don’t need to pay cash. You can use this shopping debit account to make settlements regularly or when the total amount reaches a certain amount.” Su Mei explained with some showboating. His style and momentum in the business field, Even the old man of the Su family can’t compare, but Su Mei still has to prove that she has a brain.
“I have some ideas.” Ye Chenyu praised it.
“Look at those young people nowadays who bring their girlfriends to department stores for shopping. If they take out such a shopping discount and take away the things without spending a penny, the staff will respect them especially. Isn’t it very honorable? It, It represents income, reputation, and status.” Su Mei explained with some pride. She knew very well that people who often shop in department stores tend to chase after some ostentation and reputation, especially those with a certain level of strength. This kind of card.
“You figured it all out.”
“Didn’t I sell gift coupons before? Many people did not come to the mall to pick up the goods soon after taking the gift coupons. This is equivalent to having a sum of money in the company that does not need to pay interest. It happens that this money can be used as the start-up capital for shopping discounts. This is not a small sum, I wonder which other company dares to follow the shopping discount.” Su Mei sneered and dismissed it. Today, Yi Zhongyu invited him to dinner. In fact, he wanted to test Su Mei’s next move. Xinghua Department Store of Yi Zhongyu’s family can also be regarded as a competitor of Heping Department Store.
Ye Chenyu shook his head and kept the shopping discount. He knew what Su Mei meant, which was to let Ye Chenyu take the shopping discount to Pinghe Department Store and use it a few times. Naturally, people would follow suit and chase the shopping discount. Young Master Ye was here. Yes, why don’t the singing and dancing stars, celebrities, ladies, gentlemen, ladies, gentlemen and wives in Shanghai keep up?
The motorcade arrived at the train station, and Ye Chenyu got off the train with Su Mei, Ye Sijin, and Qin Peng. The driver, servant, and staff at the train station transported the vehicles onto the train.
Although the Ye family’s company in Lin’an also has vehicles, the conditions are not good. Secondly, there are many people and they need many cars. In order not to affect the company’s business and entertainment vehicles, it is better to bring a few cars by yourself. .
/“Wow, brother, this is the Jiutian Royal Train you customized!” Qin Peng couldn’t help but exclaimed when he saw the majestic and luxurious new train, and swore loudly: “When I grow up, I must be a train driver. Driver! Can you drive this train for me?”
Su Mei listened to Qin Peng’s childish words, rubbed his head and laughed out loud. If Qin Peng became a train driver, wouldn’t the Qin family have to dismantle all the rails? Turning around, he saw Ye Sijin lea