just begun, and it is not yet good at seizing opportunities.

Four days later, Xu Yingcai woke up under the care of the Seven Immortals of Penglai.
Even though he woke up, he still looked haggard and had no color on his face. After a long time, I recovered a little, but my head still felt like someone was chopping it with an ax.
The big clock was still in a coma, twitching and shaking while sleeping, but the sound was relatively soft. It is like a person with a high fever, shivering with cold.
Fairy Gushe and Yuan Tiangang were still sleeping and did not seem to wake up.
Fortunately, Xu Ying saw the opportunity early and stood in front, otherwise just a look in his eyes would be enough to kill them!
The goddess came with a group of elixirs that looked like strong muscles, and the grave grass was among them. The goddess asked those elixirs that had a soothing effect to treat them. After another two days, Fairy Gushe, Yuan Tiangang and Da Zhongcai one by one wake up.
In the past two days, Xu Ying’s headache has gotten better, but he is still a little weak.
Fairy Gushe and Yuan Tiangang were still a little distracted and answered questions incorrectly. Da Zhong also fell into a daze from time to time, or said some nonsense.
When An Qi saw this, he couldn’t help but feel horrified and frightened.
After they had recovered a little, it was already ten days later. Xu Ying asked Fairy Gushe what she had seen that day. Fairy Gushe shook her head and said, “My eyes just touched the line of cause and effect. I was about to look up when I was noticed.” .The cause and effect connected by King Kong Zhuo is really terrifying and far beyond my ability to understand.”
Anhui Qi’s face turned to earth.
Xu Ying consoled him, “Don’t worry, Master Qi, you won’t be able to wait until that terrifying existence comes to kill you.”
An Qi’s eyes lit up: “That terrifying existence doesn’t even bother to kill me?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “Before that, you would have been dead long ago. After all, you still have tens of thousands of karma from ancient existences in the fairy world. The chance of them killing you before the horror exists is definitely greater!”
An Qi groaned and said in a trembling voice: “Can this Vajra be returned to Taoist Taiqing?”
Xu Ying shook his head. Taoist Taoist Taiqing had given it to him several times, but he had always rejected it. It was finally delivered to An Qi, how could he let An Qi return it so easily?
“Fairy Gushe, if the treasures that the Seventh Master collected from the abnormal area of ??the ancestral immortal path are returned, can the cause and effect with the ancient existence of the immortal world be resolved?” Xu Ying asked.
Fairy Gushe hesitated and said, “You can give it a try. It should be able to resolve the cause and effect.”
Xu Ying breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Xian Qi, and said: “You take out those treasures first, and we will solve the cause and effect of this fairyland first, and then think of other solutions.”
/An Qi said honestly: “Those treasures were t