connection with Wei Xiaobei.

There is no doubt that they have died in the siege of mushrooms.
At this time, Jerry and the people who stayed behind were still waiting at the same place.
With his eyesight, it was naturally difficult to see clearly what was happening in the distance, but when he saw explosions and seas of fire over there, he felt anxious.
It wasn’t until Wei Xiaobei came back and took everyone to run away, that Jerry was being carried on the shoulders of an ordinary man, and he asked stupidly: “What’s wrong?”
“The mushrooms are coming after me.”
mushroom! !
But for Jerry, his feelings about mushrooms are undoubtedly much more obvious than those of Wei Xiaobei.
Jerry had seen the horror of those mushrooms.
At that time, in the capital of Niros, a total of ten tanks were completely lost after being submerged by a group of mushrooms. By the time the mushrooms left, the ten tanks were already rusty and the people inside had turned into bones.
You can imagine how terrifying these mushrooms are.
So when he heard that there were mushrooms chasing him from behind, Jerry shivered all over. Even the discomfort of being carried was completely ignored, and he almost peed in fear.
But having said that, although those mushrooms are terrifying, their speed is really unflattering, and they are much slower than the running speed of ordinary people.
Therefore, it didn’t take long for Wei Xiaobei to throw the mushrooms away.
After finding a random hilltop and asking everyone to disperse for several kilometers to be on guard, Wei Xiaobei continued to study the mushrooms he had caught.
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei actually caught the terrifying mushroom, Jerry was also a little curious and couldn’t help but trembled and came over.
In fact, to put it bluntly, this thing is similar to a piranha. When it gathers in a group, it is extremely ferocious, but when it is alone, it is as timid as a mouse.
Wei Xiaobei took out a flower mushroom from his pocket.
This flower mushroom was not too small among the mushrooms, it was about the size of a fist. Wei Xiaobei held it in his hand, his body was trembling, and it completely lost the fearless ferocity it had before.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while and did not continue to prick the mushrooms with shredded meat. It was obvious that these mushrooms had a special ability to self-destruct, which could make him look good to the enemy after he was captured.
However, precisely because of this, Wei Xiaobei’s desire to explore the genetic map of these mushrooms became a luxury.
Then Wei Xiaobei simply unleashed his all-knowing ability on this flower mushroom.
/Name: flower mushroom.
Race: animated creature.
Gender: None.
Creature level: One star ordinary.
Introduction: This creature is an animated creature in the gray world of the adult comic Little Red Riding Hood. It can release a cursed poisonous mist that makes people suffer from diarrhea. It is weak individually, but when gathered in a group, it can fight against powerful enemies.
Weaknesses: Flame, high temperature,