suddenly lit up on the index finger of Wei Xiaobei’s right hand. The next moment, the ball of blue electric light turned into a bolt of lightning and struck him in the blink of an eye. The leader is a strong man.

Squeak, crackle!
A series of electric flashes were heard, and the whole body of the leading strong man was shrouded in a ball of electric light. Countless small arcs of electricity were running back and forth on his body. In less than half a breath, the electric light dissipated, and the leading strong man’s body was completely black, and his lips trembled. Shaking, he fell forward.
/This is a little trick that Wei Xiaobei has recently developed, using the magnetic field effect of the electromagnetic field to guide lightning to bombard nearby objects with current.
Of course, the range of this current bombardment cannot exceed the range covered by Wei Xiaobei’s electromagnetic field, and as the distance increases, the effect of the current bombardment will rapidly weaken.
This range is in the shape of a sphere with Wei Xiaobei as the center and a radius of 550 meters. Of course, at a distance of one meter, the voltage can reach one hundred thousand volts, and at a distance of fifty meters, the voltage will be weakened to about 20,000 volts. , when reaching the extreme distance of 550 meters, the voltage may be only a few volts or even lower.
Of course, if possible, Wei Xiaobei would prefer to form a lightning field with himself as the center, but that is impossible unless Wei Xiaobei is willing to initiate a burst of electricity.
A little man standing behind the leading strong man became angry and fired the front-loading flintlock gun in his hand.
But this kind of attack was useless against Wei Xiaobei before, and it is useless now.
/Wei Xiaobei’s skin was able to withstand machine gun bullets at close range before, but now after taking the stone heart, the defense power increased dramatically. The powerful lead bullet hit Wei Xiaobei’s chest, and Wei Xiaobei’s chest muscles were so weak. It was so tight that the lead bullet didn’t even have a chance to penetrate the skin, and it was like a stone being bounced away.
“I admire your courage.”
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his right hand to catch the flying lead bullet, flicked it lightly, and as the words fell, a small hole appeared on the little man’s forehead, slowly bleeding blood.
If there are any fans of Chinese martial arts novels here, the custodian will shout: “Magic powers with the snap of a finger!”
Wei Xiaobei has never learned the magical power of snapping fingers. In fact, the magical power of snapping fingers is a made-up martial art based on some hidden weapon techniques in martial arts novels.
However, Wei Xiaobei also found some Kung Fu similar to this in the Sutra Pavilion of Shaolin Temple.
For example, Shaolin Finger Snap Kung Fu, Golden Bullet Kung Fu, etc.
The Shaolin Finger Snap Kung Fu is actually an acupuncture technique. It uses the fingers to flick quickly to hit several acupuncture points, thereby slowing down or e