val guns or even bombs dropped by fighter planes and missiles falling on it, at most it will blow up a piece of soil, or maybe There was just a ball of fire, but other than that, not even half of the scales on the Yamata no Orochi were blown out.

Of course, in this battle between humans and ghosts, Yamata no Orochi is not the only ghost. There are many other ghosts following Yamata no Orochi, and they attack the port together.
Wei Xiaobei did a little bit of identification and saw some familiar ghosts, such as the Spider Girl, the Needle Girl, the Dog God, the Kappa, etc. There were also some ghosts that Wei Xiaobei had never seen before.
For example, a person has a bald head, long hair all around, a long and tall nose, a tall figure, a pair of wings on his back, and bulging muscles all over his body. He is wearing a monk’s robe, but under his feet is a pair of high-toothed wooden clogs, and he is holding a pair of wooden clogs in his left hand. A round fan, but a mallet in his right hand.
His expression was extremely arrogant, and he was not willing to mix with other ghosts at all. He just flew in the air, following Yamata no Orochi, and occasionally waved the mallet in his hand to knock away some incoming bullets.
This kind of ghost has a very special image. Although Wei Xiaobei was worried about attracting the Yamata no Orochi, he had no hesitation in using his omniscience on this kind of ghost.
As the omniscience fell on the ghost, its attribute table appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
Name: Crow Tengu.
Race: Japanese Tengu.
Gender: Male.
Age: 91 years old.
Creature level: Four-star elite.
Weaknesses: Positive energy, fire.
Attributes: (omitted)
Skills: Flying, Mallet, Dharma.
Special abilities: huge strength, telekinesis.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
/Possessions: None.
In fact, without looking at its attribute table at all, Wei Xiaobei basically had a 60-70% understanding of the Crow Tengu just by seeing its name.
Tengu is so famous in Japan. In Japanese myths and legends, it is not only a very terrifying existence, but also a kind-hearted god.
In some legends, the Tengu is just a ghost that likes to eat children. In some legends, the Tengu is similar to the grandfather in the Internet.
However, this Crow Tengu is almost an evil existence.
They are almost the lifelong enemies of those temples, and there are often legends about the Crow Tengu attacking some temple.
Of course, the righteous temple will always repel these evil Crow Tengu.
The biological level of the four-star elite is not considered weak.
No wonder this Crow Tengu is so arrogant by nature.
However, these Japanese Tengu are not the same type as the Chinese Tengu. The Chinese Tengu likes to eat the moon, the sun and so on. This Japanese Tengu does not have such ability. According to myths and legends, they like to cause trouble among the people. .
In addition to the crow and tengu, Wei Xiaobei also saw the moving big tree, which was the wooden charm in Japanese legend. It was said that it w