er avoiding several ships and entering the Maliuga Strait, the flying fish reduced its speed to thirty knots.

No way, the Maliuga Strait is only about 60 meters deep. If the flying diving fish rushes over at high speed, not to mention whether it will collide with the ship, the waves driven by the high speed alone may kill the flying diving fish. exposed.
The process of passing through the Malyuca Strait was relatively smooth.
This made Wei Xiaobei feel a little relieved. You must know that there are American military bases in this area. If the United States discovers the flying fish, this trouble may come again.
Just think about it, what kind of situation would any powerful country be in after discovering a terrifying submarine with a submarine speed of more than 300 knots? In other words, what kind of things will be done? ! !
I’m afraid the entire country’s intelligence agencies will be mobilized to find people or things related to this submarine!
Although Wei Xiaobei was the only one who knew about the existence of this flying diving fish, it was hard to say that this kind of thing would not be leaked out.
By then, it will be difficult to say what actions the countries related to Weijia Island will take.
Submersible speed 300 knots!
This kind of submarine is not even afraid of torpedoes!
You know, the fastest cavitation torpedo in the world now only has a speed of more than 100 knots!
How terrifying is the speed of 300 knots underwater!
From this point alone, Wei Xiaobei’s cultivated creatures indeed surpassed modern mechanical technology.
Of course, the combat effectiveness of the flying diving fish is very weak. Apart from its own speed, it has no means of attack.
If it wants to fight, this flying diving fish has only one way to hit the enemy at its own high speed!
Either the enemy dies and you die, or the enemy lives and you die
In the end, the flying fish will die.
This is not surprising. The Flying Diver only has a terrifying two-star biological level. If it collides with a nuclear submarine, it will be able to destroy the opponent if it is lucky. If it is bad luck, it will die itself.
After leaving the Malyuca Strait, it will be more troublesome to travel thousands of kilometers all the way.
There are many fishing boats from various countries here, and the flying fish basically need to dive in the sea water, instead of flying on the sea surface as happily as before.
Anyway, a few hours later, Wei Xiaobei finally set foot on land.
This is the coastal area of ??a city under Leizhou Province.
The population here is relatively dense.
Less than 900 meters away from where Wei Xiaobei landed, you could see a building and fishing nets hanging outside.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not discovered.
/It was late at night at this time, and the seaside was extremely quiet.
The common people carried some of the asuras, gandharvas, and sea snakes behind Wei Xiaobei, while the flying fish carried the remaining monsters and the common people, found a small trench and lurked down, and it would fall into a