brings out a bit of exotic style.

To be honest, the old man Gross next to him was a little stunned.
My daughter has been watching her for so many years, and her appearance seems to have changed once her hair is pulled back or a hairpin is inserted.
Indeed, if Karina’s appearance could be rated 80 points before, then it can be rated 100 points now!
Karina didn’t notice her father’s expression, but ran to a mirror in the living room to take a look, and then she couldn’t help but be shocked.
It has to be said that the peach blossoms blooming on the hairpin even made Karina ignore her soaring beauty for a while.
Of course, later on, Karina also noticed her beauty.
When it comes to girls, especially those who are not yet married, perhaps the most important thing they care about is their appearance.
Seeing that her appearance had improved to a whole new level, Karina loved the gift from Wei Xiaobei even more, and even asked Wei Xiaobei for advice on how to hold such hair.
In short, Gross’s goal was achieved, at least now Karina had no intention of going out for air.
Gross went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
There is no doubt that Karina is extremely curious about this hairpin that can bloom.
After being removed from the hair, the peach blossoms on the hairpin will wither immediately, but once you put it on, the peach blossoms will bloom again. If you smell it, you can even smell the elegant peach blossom aroma.
This is a real peach blossom!
Karina’s eyes immediately widened.
Undoubtedly, in Karina’s opinion, this is more magic than magic.
Next, Wei Xiaobei was obsessed with Karina and tried every means to find out why this hairpin bloomed.
For this reason, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
How to explain this thing?
Could it be said that this is the result of reaching the ultimate level of his sculpting skills?
Or is it the miraculous effect of World Tree Sap?
Fortunately, not long after, Gross prepared lunch and asked Wei Xiaobei and Karina to go over and eat.
After lunch, Wei Xiaobei was also overwhelmed by Karina’s pestering, so he went straight to the point and gave Gross an idea to take his family to Weijia Island.
At least Weijia Island is much safer than other places for now.
After listening to Wei Xiaobei’s suggestion, Gross began to think deeply.
It’s not that he is unwilling to leave his homeland. For the adventurous descendants of the Vikings, home is wherever people are, and leaving here is not a difficult thing.
However, Gross needs to consider his own extended family.
The eldest daughter’s family lives in Denmark, and the second daughter’s family lives in China. Whether they are willing to go to Weijia Island is a question mark.
/After all, Gross is just the father-in-law.
After thinking for a while, Gross made a decision and the whole family went to Weijia Island.
But before that, Gross needed to call his eldest daughter and second daughter to ask about their wishes.
Of course, even if the two daughters were unwilling to follow them to Weijia Island, Gross would s