over and raised his arm and slapped Tanabe Kojiro in the face. This slap hit him. Kojiro Tanabe spun around on the spot, feeling dizzy and almost falling to the ground.

Toyotomi Fujino’s slap made his palms swell, which shows how hard the slap was.
Seeing that Tanabe Kojiro was beaten, Yuki Onna immediately wanted to rush over anxiously, but was immediately stopped by several people, with guns in their hands pointed at Yuki Onna.
And Toyotomi Fujino was not stupid either. He then took out a pistol from his waist and put the muzzle of the gun on Tanabe Kojiro’s head: “Don’t move! Otherwise I’ll shoot him in the head!”
It should be said that Toyotomi Fujino’s pistol was originally a junk that no one wanted.
You must know that when dealing with those ghosts, pistols are basically useless, and their power is far less than that of a single-shot rifle!
But at this moment, this pistol played an unexpected role!
Seeing Kojiro Tanabe being held hostage, Yuki Ono almost burst into tears.
But there was nothing she could do about it.
After all, the snow girl is good at manipulating low-temperature ice and snow, and her speed is not good at all. It is completely a luxury to hope to save Tanabe Kojiro from Toyotomi Fujino.
No matter how fast her ice and snow were, it was impossible to freeze Toyotomi Fujino in an instant at such a distance.
/Besides, even if you freeze the other party, the other party is likely to pull the trigger at the last moment.
“Give up resistance, or I’ll shoot him in the head!”
I don’t know if Toyotomi Fujino once loved playing CS so much that he threatened people with headshots at every turn.
But his actions had the desired effect, and Yuki-onna didn’t dare to move again, for fear that Toyotomi Fujino would pull the trigger if he got excited.
Of course, the snow girl is always ready to rescue. After all, this ice and snow ability is still very useful in many cases. For example, when Toyotomi Fujino was not paying attention, he froze his finger on the trigger!
But Toyotomi Fujino, as a small person, had been struggling in the Yakuza organization, and he did not just hang around.
In order to prevent the snow girl from suddenly acting violently, Toyotomi Fujino simply dragged Tanabe Kojiro further away.
As a result, as the distance increased, it would be difficult for the snow girl to accurately freeze Toyotomi Fujino.
“Take off! Take off your clothes first! Otherwise I will shoot him in the head! Hahaha!”
Toyotomi Fujino could be said to have grasped the weakness of the snow girl at this time. After thinking about it in his mind, he shouted loudly at the snow girl.
Hearing Toyotomi Fujino’s voice, Yuki-onna’s face froze.
Although the snow girl is a ghost, she also has human emotions and her own sense of shame.
Taking off your clothes in front of more than two thousand people in the castle?
This is absolutely impossible!
But Kojiro Tanabe’s life was threatened, which made Yukionna hesitate.
“Take off, take off!”
“If you don’t take it off, beat him!”
After hearing Toyoto