uan trembled violently. Fortunately, he finally stopped shaking. He wanted to raise his head, but did not dare to look up to the high platform, so he just kept talking to himself.

“Reporting to Uncle Zhangfeng, the lost and lost spiritual object is very likely to belong to the descendants of the Chunyu family! But they have even done things like breaking into the mountains, so what can I do? Go to Tingchang Mountain and the Chunyu family Isn’t it fun? It’s also a loss of face for the sect! So when we were unable to advance or retreat for a while, we taught Elder Ding to back up the vat. This is the disciple’s fault.”
At first, Jin Guan felt aggrieved, but after seeing the eyes of several people on the high platform becoming colder and colder, he understood the importance in his heart. Then he changed his tone and reluctantly admitted his mistake.
As soon as he finished speaking, the boy slapped his knees angrily.
“That’s all your faults? Elder Ding can’t stand up to the vat. Whether or not he loses his face for a moment or closes the door is not the most important thing. Before I leave, I give you a thousand warnings to bring the spiritual objects back. , why are you so careless!”
“Before he passed away, the Patriarch once damaged the Shouyuan Cave to illuminate the secrets of heaven, and left behind a motto, saying that the opportunity for us to complete the Yunjie Sutra will not be long! The spiritual object was placed in the Demon-Suppressing Cave to be nourished by the evil energy day and night. , the original purpose is to refine the sword embryo in the future and teach your generation of disciples to go through tribulations to mend the scriptures!”
/“Now that Elder Ding has been offended, his face has been lost, and the spiritual object is nowhere to be found.”
“I thought you would do bad things, but I never thought you would become like this!”
He looks like a child, but he has the most violent temper.
After a few words, Jin Guan lowered his head, and the boy looked at the sloppy old man on the left.
“Elder brother, this is not as simple as losing a spiritual object. It is related to the opportunity for the perfection of the legal system. You always need to make an idea, how to remedy it?”
Hearing this, the sloppy Taoist seemed to wake up from his slumber.
He glanced at Jin Guan sleepily and smiled kindly.
“Why are you so harsh on your children? Who has not yet made a mistake? Let me tell you, how can we wait until the near future to mend the scriptures after all the calamities! From the moment the spiritual object was lost, our lineage has already been It’s an opportunity!”
“As for the child of the Chunyu family, I don’t think he is greedy for such a spiritual object. Besides, behind him is the ancestor of the Chunyu family and the mother of Danxia from Tingchangshan. Both of them are rare among aristocratic families and casual cultivators. He is a transparent person, and it is related to our legal system. They have no time to hide, how can they get involved so easily!”
/“Of course, to put thing