more than thirty kilometers before hitting a field and splashing. Countless pieces of mud were raised.

Of course, this had no impact on Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei only needed to seduce Long Bo’s people and make them chase after him.
This time, Long Bo’s people probably felt unhappy because they were being disturbed while eating. In the ensuing chase, Long Bo’s people acted even faster than when Wei Xiaobei stabbed himself in the eye.
When Wei Xiaobei escaped more than a thousand kilometers, he was almost hit by a ship thrown by Long Bo’s people from behind.
It has to be said that the buildings, ships and other things left on both sides of the river have become weapons used by Long Bo’s people to hunt down Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei was running for his life in front, and Long Bo’s people were chasing after him. The buildings and ships along the way were either trampled into rubble by Long Bo’s people, or they were grabbed by Long Bo’s people and moved towards Wei Xiaobei. Throw it out.
To be honest, when this scene was shown to the top officials of various countries via satellite, no matter which country’s top officials they were, they all looked unhappy when they saw this video.
In the past days, although many powerful monsters invaded reality from the gray world, under the strong suppression of civilian gray world practitioners and even the military, most of these monsters were killed, and there were not many monsters at all. Big threat.
But now, when a giant with a height of more than 1,200 meters regards the river as nothing and runs away in anger, anyone who sees this scene will have their hearts beating.
The body is extremely huge and the strength is extremely powerful!
It is difficult to describe directly in words what kind of consequences a battle with such a giant can cause.
Even the bosses who hold the nuclear button don’t know how to describe it.
Would it be useful to drop a nuclear bomb on such a giant?
No one knows if it will work.
However, intelligence agencies around the world are already busy at this time. They need to find ways to obtain information about this giant, and even information about the person being chased by the giant! !
Only when you know yourself and the enemy can you win every battle!
This sentence is not only known by Chinese people, but also by all the major powers in the world.
Of course, these things are not what Wei Xiaobei is thinking about now.
After escaping two thousand five hundred kilometers at a high speed, Wei Xiaobei felt a little tired.
Although Wei Xiaobei was just running for his life and did not engage in direct combat with Long Bo’s people, it still took a lot of energy to maintain the highest speed to avoid being overtaken by Long Bo’s people.
/So at this time, Wei Xiaobei began to take out some food from the storage ring and ate it while running.
There was still half the distance to the seaside, and Wei Xiaobei needed to conserve energy for the last stretch of the journey.
You know, a helicopter can only fly three to four hundred kilometers with a