se girls unconscious and send them out so as not to delay his own affairs.

Who knew that after these girls said their names, they all said in unison that they were orphans, that their parents and relatives had been killed by ghosts and monsters, and that they were willing to serve the great sun god as a human shepherd.
If Wei Xiaobei didn’t accept them, they would rather be eaten by ghosts!
At this point, Wei Xiaobei could only sigh softly, knock these girls unconscious, and throw them into the Aoki Blessed Land.
Well, these girls said so. Wei Xiaobei felt that he was not the kind of person who could watch girls commit suicide, so he simply threw these girls into the Aoki Paradise. Anyway, the Aoki Paradise will still need a lot of servants in the future. This is considered Booked in advance.
/After dealing with the noise of those girls, Wei Xiaobei stood in the room and entered the gray world!
/In just a blink of an eye, when Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes again, the room in front of him had changed from gorgeous to shabby.
The wooden floors were in disrepair, the big wooden bed was full of holes, and even most of the chandelier overhead had fallen off.
Everything shows that this is the gray world!
Well, the big mirror on the dressing table in the room seemed relatively new, which made Wei Xiaobei frown. He grabbed a handful of sawdust from the wooden bed with his right hand and shot it towards the big mirror.
Puff puff!
A series of explosions were heard, and the large mirror on the dressing table turned into broken glass all over the floor.
This is not because Wei Xiaobei has a desire for destruction, but Wei Xiaobei feels that there is a relatively new mirror in such a shabby room. This looks a bit weird!
You know, the only thing that still scares Wei Xiaobei so far is the terrifying footsteps he encountered in that weird little building in the past!
The terrifying footsteps finally made him sit down in front of the dressing table, and the scene that appeared in the mirror at that time made Wei Xiaobei feel a little uncomfortable when he thought about it now.
In short, Wei Xiaobei is on the defensive now!
Regardless of whether the mirror is really weird or not, just kill it!
Well, fortunately, the mirror was broken, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t hear or see anything weird, which made Wei Xiaobei feel better.
Arriving at the door, Wei Xiaobei pushed open the broken wooden door.
What appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei was a piece of green grass instead of a dilapidated corridor.
Wei Xiaobei looked around and saw that the place he was in was a dilapidated cabin, and the room he was in before was the only one in the cabin!
There is nothing unusual about the grass, it is just an ordinary grass field.
In front of the wooden door is a dense forest in the distance, to the left is a small river several thousand meters away, and to the right is a temple!
Wei Xiaobei walked around to the back of the cabin and took a look. In the distance behind was a snow-capped mountain. Wei Xiaobei felt familiar no matter how