secret among the top nobles that Annabelle Templar’s application to the temple for resources and cultivation techniques to advance to the legendary level was rejected.

“Very well, Gould, you want to make an enemy of the Temple of War. Have you considered the consequences?” Archbishop Guy threatened in a deep voice.
“Archbishop Guy, if you don’t accept your unfounded conviction of the top nobles, you are an enemy of the War Temple. Then the War Temple does not take the Supreme Council into consideration at all. The Supreme Council is not directly under the War Temple. The Supreme Council is To all nobles!” Speaker Gould replied in a deep voice.
Archbishop Guy angrily closed the contact circle, and on the other side of the contact circle, Speaker Gould was recording the previous call into the alchemy pattern plate.
Speaker Gould once again convened a meeting of the Supreme Council. Five minutes later, the virtual conference hall was filled with phantoms of lords.
“Just now, Archbishop Guy from the Temple of War proposed to me to deprive Lord Arthur of his title, territory, and membership. Archbishop Guy’s evidence is his words!” Speaker Gould looked at all the members. Said loudly.
After saying that, he released the communication process between him and Archbishop Guy. While watching, the Congressman’s anger was also burning.
Perhaps among the top nobles in the entire divine world, only Lord Arthur’s top nobles took the shortest time, but that was also achieved by relying on a large amount of military exploits and in exchange for undisputed credit.
Among the rest of the top nobles, which family has not gone through hundreds of thousands of years of continuous efforts and countless generations of clan members to reach the top level of nobles.
But in the words of Archbishop Guy, the top nobles could be easily convicted in one sentence. This kind of disregard made all the top noble lords intolerable.
“Lord Arthur cannot be deprived of his title. If we take this step back, our descendants will scold us!” said a councilor.
You must know that as long as this is started, the prestige of the Supreme Council will no longer exist, and the temple will only make further progress in the future.
Why there is a Supreme Council? Although part of the reason is to facilitate the management of the noble group, it is also to unite the nobles and resist the temple’s intervention in the nobles.
“Speaker Gould, you don’t have to think about me, it doesn’t matter even if I lose my title!” David didn’t want Speaker Gould and the entire Supreme Council to become enemies of the War Temple for him.
David himself has the confidence to resist the War Temple. If it were not for the fact that some of his strengths cannot be exposed, it is still a question whether the War Temple would dare to deal with him.
/He really didn’t care about the title. The so-called title and territory had become nothing when he reached his level of strength.
/David now only cares about improving his own strength, especially after being attacked by the War Tem